WPC: (extra)ordinary +


made larger by association. ‘Nuff said, on with the show—

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 22.46.12

—better seen full-size (click on it to make it bigger— browser’s ‘back button’ to bring you back). There I was with a song in my heart and woof on my lips when everything came together to spell out a message from the Divine.


up the pole was so well wrapped in safety harnesses and such gubbins he/she (okay, it) could hardly move. Reminded me of those famous snaps of the skyscraper builders in NY, sitting on a beam cheerily wolfing their sandwiches about a million feet up … and nary a harness in site nowhere (pun deliberate). It reminded me also of something I read about the US currency “In God We Trust” (all others, it seems, pay cash).


I took The Spouse out to shoot some chestnut flowers in the graveyard. Gorgeous trees, pity about the blasted typhoon (got her some lovely blurs though) … and while she was happily trotting about picking samples (artist, ya gotta give ’em some leeway, and I don’t think the dead guys were too put out) I made a mental connection—

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 20.53.43

—twixt this detritus and life itself. A lot of time, money, commerce, effort and tax went into this cemetery but the passing ages themselves (as well as the occasional high-spirited lout) take their toll. It’s extraordinary how people simply don’t think—folks should celebrate their folks whilst they are alive. Raising monuments once they are gone may do temporary wonders to the ol’ conscience but archives* nothing in the long run.


Hah! Et in Arcadia ego … had to happen, even here. Poking about in other webbies I happened across this—


—and thought it’s extraordinary what some believe, envision, desire … and some even will call obscene. Got me to pondering: what is the obscenity here?

Frankly I blame the naughty gesture Mr Spock is making—is he offering her twins? Telling her to place a bet, that her horses will come in first and second? The time? Offering her victory? It’s actually extraordinary what this image represents … and due to ignorance I cannot even give it a byline. Bummer.


see the wood for the trees (as it were) here be something I, a mere mortal, found extraordinary on our way home along the once-was-a-railway-track:

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 20.58.33

—a tree in full spring blossom.

So? Lot’s of trees are covered in blossom at this time of year.

Aaaah, yes … but in this instance there seems to be more blossom than tree. That is a virgin untouched unenhanced unrefurbished unfiddled untweaked unPhotoshopped tree; entire of itself. Boom boom! Only once before have I seen similar—we had an Angel’s Trumpet cutting once that rooted and grew—just long enough to produce a full-sized flower. So?

So:  the flower, which was entirely normal in all respects, was larger than the ‘tree’ that produced it (they both died soon after). But sadly I have misplaced the only snap I took of it. Extraordinary, it was … now get thee hence and have an extraordinarily lovely day.


*  Yep. A typo, that was to have been ‘achieves’ but I like it. Stet.


6 thoughts on “WPC: (extra)ordinary +

    1. Hah! I pondered that myself, wondered if anyone would notice … boom boom! And you can work into the equation that ‘Welcome’ implied by the sign on the side there. It all came together, just as God knew it would when He set it up 4.5 thousands of millions of years ago (plus or minus a bit).

      1. Or should we take it back to the (accepted) fifteen billion? Ye gods, it’s complicated getting dates right …

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