WPC: careful





Lest thine folly rise up and smite thee … or worse, bite thee in the bum.

Or not, it’s a big world out there … now, in here (niece’s aviary on the farm) little visitors like this poor wee shivering timorous opportunist need be careful lest the cat find his way in too (not a chance in hell—her attack budgies would reduce any cat to atoms in zero decimal nothing of a second).

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 19.17.44


Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 19.18.26and away; I have no idea how often I’ve told The Spouse—who is very very much better than moi at finding gemstones on Gemstone Beach—to never, never, never turn your back on the sea. In fact, one should always be very careful when gemstoning on Gemstone Beach …

… which is effectively the same advice only different to that I give cute little furry beasts when I catch them crossing the busy country roads “Be careful lest thou becometh alikened as unto a car-pet” —

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 19.09.45

—and give the little guy credit, he made it. A bit windblown with ruffled fur, but he made it.

Now (oh no … not the Water Tower again, Argie!) advice for tourists visiting Invercargill:  this water tower is officially prone to earthquakes—Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 18.23.55in fact in any mention of it these days you’ll find the magic words of encouragement for tourists “earthquake prone”. So be careful.

‘Nuff said … but nobody mentions that it (tower) may equally be struck by lightning. I don’t think it ever has been, but you’ll not find me within a hundred miles of it under skies like this. Brrrrr.

Be careful out there. Out here. If the quakes don’t get you the lightning might, and if they both miss you’ll be taxed to the nth degree anyway to pay for all the lightning rods, quake proofing, and trips to China for cheery City Councillors on their ‘Christmas Lights fact-finding’ junkets missions. All at taxpayer expense, of course—and to give them credit, those councillors came back empty handed. Is that honesty, or what? Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 19.11.47


You can’t go further than watching a real expert aviator on finals and preparing for touchdown.

This guy has done it before … and to put your mind at rest, “any landing you can swim away from is a good one”. He swam. (Okay, he paddled, but you get the drift):

“They say in the Air Force a landing’s OK

If the pilot gets out and can still walk away,

But in the Fleet Air Arm the prospect is grim

If the landing’s piss-poor and the pilot can’t swim.

chorus:  Cracking show, I’m alive,

     But I still have to render my A25.”


for the full version (don’t do it! Be careful!) — CLICK HERE





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