WPC: careful 2

complete with political



Bimbling through Invercargill with a song on my lips and springtime springs in my step I happened by this, below, in a shop window. It suddenly occurred to me—

redundant words

—that it is two (possibly three, but definitely two) words too many. Redundant; and that’s not counting the contact details. I leave it to you to figure out which …


of omelettes—

BB's eggs

—in a wee hedge  bordering our driveway, a blackbird’s nest. Sometimes when walking by you can peer in and see a beaky face beaking back at you. Live and let live, it’s a big enough world. BUT: she has a habit of waiting silently until you’ve gone by then she bursts out and all hell breaks loose. Noisy? Wow~! Even I’m impressed … she flies off making a helluva racket, which we think is a cunning ploy to divert our attention. It works every time with me but The Spouse is sterner stuff and after Mama bird squawked off this time to do her shopping or whatever, Toots sneaked over and without disturbing anything scored the above. So now we know … but she had to be careful not to fall off her ladder and scramble them eggies.


scored the below shot of a wee mushie growing in the wilds of Queens Park a couple of years ago; and she had to be careful getting it—her great clumpy husband leaves a trail of shattered hulks sometimes (it’s the levering to my feet afterwards that creates havoc with the nearest environment)(getting down is no problem*).

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 19.15.53

So after I’d taken the hint and left all miffed like, she got the shot. She’ll keep … and on the subject of Spice, here she be a few years ago being careful where she was putting her feet—

icy, test first

—we knew the area, and that there was a wee creek around here somewhere … she found it, too.


for details. And for serendipitatious effects on straightforward snaps—

Spitty model

—so this en passant snap of some models in a shop window in an arcade in town caught my eye. They have a huge Zeppelin thing in there too, partly built, but I’d have to go in to get the shot and that means engaging with suspicious proprietors who think I’m casing the joint … you can’t be too careful these days. This shot was taken through glass, the ghostly effects came courtesy of the God Of Small Illusions.

Not a real challenge



*  Any oaf can fall over …



3 thoughts on “WPC: careful 2

    1. Hah! In the words of the immortal singer:

      “When two men go out,
      To face each ooooother,
      Only ONE retuuuuuuuu-rrrrns …”

      We’ll see …

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