Okaaaaayyyy …


it is then. I’ve lots to be careful about so I lose count—but after our recent Labour weekend (public holiday) we went to town where I was intrigued enough (before I got the story, note) to take this—

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 07.18.38

—we’d just been in to our favourite coffee place and emerged loaded for bear with lovely ‘tailor-made just as we like ’em’ coffees (try that anywhere else in Invercargill and all you get is a vacant stare, followed a few minutes later by the standard formulaic coffee).

We turned south and saw a ‘Do Not Cross’ official tape across the pavement. Okay, it’s Southland, so of course the blank side is showing and the warning message facing inboard, but one divines the drift.

So we drifted outboard of it, and noted a wee impact damage that wasn’t there last time. Some poor buggers had done a wonderful job of cleaning up what had to be a real mess, but Ground Zero still looked like this—

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 08.14.45

—which if you know reinforced concrete indicates a truly inspired impact. Someone, it seems, may have misjudged …

There was no (r) no sign of tyre marks, ergo no braking. So I told The Spouse (jumps to conclusions, this kid) that this was deliberate. I used the word kamikaze but she wasn’t impressed. A bit miffed actually (coffee hadn’t kicked in yet).


and while she toddled off to do the rounds of combat zones op shoppe boutiques I likewised to the park. I wanted spring colour and human nature, a heady mix. My first took me back with delight to my childhood, when in the Wolf Cubs (junior scouts) and in school I was told a million times:

“The moss grows always on the south side of the tree”

—and now, for the very first time in many decades of optimistically examining the alignments of mossy trees: I found one~!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 07.24.35

Boom boom! Okay, I found it once before and may even have posted a similar snap, but the delight resurrected as virgin—and although tempted to hop and skip and cavort I resisted the urge. There’s enough weirdos already in Queens Park. (I’ve been told. Never seen one, mind, but that’s the story.)

Careful? Oh yes—be careful what Pearls Of Wisdom you imbibe at the feet of wise teachers and tutors … there’s a one in many hundreds chance that they may just be right. If you live long enough …

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 07.25.38

AND whilst carefully taking snaps of some wonderful, brilliant, artistic and emotions-raising modern practical-art statuary that the Parks Management have converted a beautiful avenue of trees into, a power-hiker strode into view. The opportunity too good to miss, I snapped.

The message here? Be careful what you snap in parks—serendipity may step (or stride) in and convert a gripe into social observation. And yes—the background racket in the once peaceful park these days is chainsaws.


later to GBs for a pre-going home with The Spouse coffee, I caught a display of lovely freebies in a rack outside a Salvation Shop—

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 07.45.28

—I like to browse through the offerings sometimes but sadly cannot linger (the ol’ gagging reflex kicks in). Interestingly, this display is just along from Ground Zero—which as The Spouse told me with wide eyes, apparently actually was a suicide. Op Shop ladies … no jungle telegraph was ever more efficient. At least the 24 year-old female driver now knows the answer to all questions: be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.


… this below is not (r) not one of mine. It came in with an email, but sadly I cannot credit the creator. I Love it—

Bike wires


be careful out there. Life can be a challenge, especially for those with cameras and quad-bikes beautifully secured on utes.





2 thoughts on “WPC: CAREFUL 3(?)

    1. It most certainly is.
      I’ll post (the survivors of) my bluebell shots, too.
      Bluebells and poppies, I just cannot get good shots—and in the Roaring Forties here you need a very fast shutter sometimes—freeze a speeding bullet? Play-Doh … snap a dancing Southland poppy? Now there’s a real challenge …

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