In a recent discussion on B & W shooting I promised these snaps—

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 08.26.36

The wee duck above was shot in full colour against the blast of the morning sun bouncing off the water. Ergo, colour-duck became a little monochromaticish. (Not that he cared once he saw it was a camera I was fiddling with and nary a sandwich in sight …)


the awesome power of a polarising filter, feast yer eyes on this—

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 08.27.39

—and compare it with this

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 08.27.12

—the only difference being a wee twist of the filter. I leave it permanently mounted on my lens (okay, it must cost a wee bit in light transference but sure beats faffing about with lens caps) … and dare I say it—it’s brilliant in reducing glare and boosting colours, especially in the bluey bits of the sky (yep! Down here in Southland we do, despite all rumours to the contrary, occasionally get some blue in our skies).


hence and go shoot some ducks~!






5 thoughts on “SERENDIPITY

  1. That’s a heck of a difference with the polarising filter on. Although I like both versions. An instance where mono and full colour do justice to a shot. I had to look hard in the first version to discern the bottle you had afore alluded to. But I like it! Thank you for going to the trouble of posting this, Argie.
    I know Bill keeps his polarising filter on most of the time. Although he did run into difficulties with it in New York recently as the lighting was so vastly different from one side of the street to the other in many parts. I think he opted for removing it for the rest of the visit, and just upped the shutter speed when shooting in strong light.
    I don’t enjoy such luxuries, you see. I rely on fixing the RAW file in the editing room if the exposure is too dark.

    I still think your duck and respective reflection look like a horned beast…

      1. A mischievous wee minx … but I have her measure. That could even be her in the Empire State shot I’ve just commented on … well done, You~!

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