I love it!

I spy … everything … boom boom!


this wee cutie I met in the Sallie shop when sheltering from the predicted tempest. (Ye gods … where we live it was all sweetness and light, but when we got to town, brrrr! Winter all over again.)

Anyway, back to our cutie—

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 18.17.34

—as slender as a willow wand, angel-red hair and big blue eyes. But she rebuffed my advances with an enigmatic stare that I didn’t have time to decode so I left her to contemplate the squalls through the doorway while I penetrated deeper into no-man’s-land. Wherein I found this lout—

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 18.30.58

—who apparently got no further chatting up the girliquin*  than I did.

For the socially unaware—that gesture signifies comradeship between strangers and is a form of “Cheer up! Been there, done that, got shot down in flames too but there’s always hope for next time!” … I nodded amiably and sidled around him, off to the park for some soggy wintry summer snaps. My sister wanted a snap of one particular tree, but I had to get the whole tree in the frame. (I succeeded but it wasn’t easy.)


I wandered to the park to snap her tree. Old Man Pine. Her request was to shoot the whole tree—quite impossible, so I resorted to technical trickery and shot the tree looking vertically upwards from the base with the camera in contact. Literally barking up the tree … but to get there I had to pass the tuataras wherein a new clutch of babies was eyeing the passing people parade.

Eye to eye with a living dinosaur still fascinates me, even if the little can be a little hard to see sometimes …

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 20.24.13

Eye spied him, he spied eye across a gap of aeons that he could never hope to comprehend (let alone the sheet of glass betwixt); and then I moved out in pursuit of my elusive tree.

I was delighted when passing ol’ Peter P and Tinker B to see that the Little Old Lady is still around—

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 20.29.06

—working her magic with fresh flowers. I spied the look in Peter’s eye, if I ever had to explain it I’d describe it as good natured tolerance. I don’t see that he’d have anything to drip about anyway …


squelching (got a bit soggy) (actually, a lot soggy) back to the business district to meet The Spouse I passed under Minerva …

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 18.39.57

Still stoically standing in front of the museum she tried to seduce me en passant with a victor’s garland but never one to rest on my laurels I thanked her and hoofed off for my coffee, wondering if any of the shots would turn out. But the camera was up to the challenge



*  Girliquin: modern socially acceptable Politically Correct non sexist way of saying ‘mannequin’ (ol’ Argus is nothing if not PC and wiv it).



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