WPC: Oops 2

So: there I was

standing by the gates


with a loaded camera in my hot sticky little hands, pondering the vicissitudes of fate and chance and how the hell was I going to meet the Photo Challenge of the week, when it occurred to me that

(a)   the lady was in red

(b)   I’d not long discovered how to isolate red from colour clutter, and

(c)   no-one was watching. So no-one could possibly be offended?


I whipped the camera up, fiddled with various bits, scrutinised endless on-screen menus and other guff, finally acquired a valid focus lock, closed both eyes and … lunged.


the anti-shake delay I’d only discovered about twenty minutes ago and now felt the irresistible need to use* kicked in; during which delay** I scored—

Red, oh yes

—this spontaneous and unanticipated ‘Oops!’ moment. Make of it what you will …



*  Irresistible: you know how it is when you have a huge piece of virgin bubble-wrap (and no witnesses)?

** Next time use a fraction of rather than a full second …



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