WPC: Oops (3)

oops … I think this post is number three …


as in:  an ‘Oops!’ moment.

A real ‘Oops!’ moment. You know, the kind of oops moment that hits you full on, like a sackful of wet fish swung with wild rapturous enthusiasm right into your face when you really truly deserve it.


to imagine the awful, dreadful, utterly stomach-churning sensation you’d get if you woke up sober one morning (I’ve seen guys staggering around the ship next day trying desperately to wish away the tattoos that seemed so ‘macho must have’ the night before) to discover you now look like this  

spins down copy

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.30.00

—and even worse, that you’d actually paid for it?


age of the anti-hero, and that it’s de rigeur these days for even the most feminine of young damsels to be more lathered in cheap tatts than Popeye ever was … dammit, some folks just shouldn’t be allowed to milk idiots.

But it keeps someone in business, and as long as no force is involved (and I never have to look at it) who would I be to bleat? Part of the Rights Of Passage, do we think? Youthful rebellion against the values of earlier dodos? Or is it a truthful statement perhaps, an unconscious way of declaring an IQ level?

I hope I am never that challenged to ‘discover myself’.

And should I meet one of these on the street … pray Gods I can keep a straight face (the keeping of which would be a far greater challenge than any I’ve ever faced). I hate hurting anyone’s feelings, especially someone with values different from mine who genuinely thinks he’s accomplished something. Meaningful …






3 thoughts on “WPC: Oops (3)

  1. Haha! 🙂

    I’m so pleased the Hipster Top-knot is finally having its short-lived day. Next to go should be the ridiculous beards that none of these young men have truly earned the right to wear. They and the beards irk me no end! Pretentious little sh…
    Anyway, as for women having tattoos, I’m not fussed. It ain’t my body. Some actually look better with them. Take that as you will…
    I’m not convinced that IQ really comes into it.

    1. You could be right.

      It’s that mostly the damsels hulking around Invercargill well lubricated with tatts seem the rather less than feminine type; and the blokes are the ‘must be loud and obnoxious in public, and prove my manhood by swearing at the top of my voice whilst nudge-nudge wink-winking my mates’ type.
      All progress, I suppose—I’m showing my age by being nostalgic for the putative graces of previous generations.

      I sometimes wonder how the sweet lively ‘with it’ young things will attend the Lord Mayor’s ball in years to come with gownless sleeves and mouldy arms … and my recommendation to some young eager-beaver just leaving college and wanting to make a bundle: get thee well up on tattoo removal. Get a good business going, then franchise it …

      The reeeeeally with it (and PC) young damsels down here are into the Maori moko.

      Yuk …

      Not my problem.

      Could be wrong

      1. Mouldy arms…that’s brilliant! On darker skinned folk tattoos look like third degree burn scars.
        Back in the UK I was seeing a lot more young women of the feminine persuasion sporting all manor of flamboyant skin decorations, or aberrations more correctly. Although as you say, they are fast becoming the norm amongst youngsters, and yes tattoo removal parlours will probably become a booming business at some point in the not too distant.
        I abhor physical pain, and have a particular distaste for needles. So no tats for me!

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