WPC: Gathering

Wot? That’s it?



is our beloved Challenge of the week?

Bugger … looks into files … aaaah:

First up, this piccie that came in with an email. It isn’t mine and I take no credit but it was just too appealing to not repost on behalf:


And now, let’s go agathering—

Tip-toe past these ladies ...
Tip-toe delicately past these ladies … they are lean, mean, and mean business

This was a life-size poster, beautifully done, up on the northern wall of Hayes Hammer Hardware in Invergiggle. A challenging gathering of southern talent. (Poster now sadly replaced with an equally lifesize shot of some burk in a motor vehicle … ’twas ever thus.)


it’s time for the obligatory ‘Social Comment’. Gotta have ya SC complete with overstated subtleties …

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 07.35.47

And note my singular lack of explanations here. Any comment or interpretations of this theme will be superfluous, unnecessary, and a redundant gilding of the lily. So just make of it what you will (Educators: feel free to use it in your instructional propaga literature guff).


to something more alive, or dead—

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 07.40.49

—a gathering of leaves. Last autumn, cool morning, recently deceased leafery all over the place and a chirpy staffer. Moving on—

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 07.33.49

—actually, moving back a pace or two … a gathering of the not so recently deceased. To get in here you need be earlier than most, have a prior familial  commitment or at least a VC.


a genuine gathering of genuine hardcases. In the Great Wall of Life, everyone here is a real brick—

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 20.22.52

—and that’s not a typo. Ancient Sparta had such (but it would be a digression to go there).

So here is a shot I got in town just yesterday, a squad of once-were-trees gathered and practising their basic

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 20.09.04.

camouflage skills. In this exercise they’d started with ‘Colour Blending into Background 101’. It looks like a long course but they are truly dedicated, tired of being hacked off in their prime all the time. (You know how it is with these rural terrorist groups.) I should really oughta forward this shot to the Parks managers—they are truly determined to reduce our once lovely woodsy park to open savannah.

I should attend their next gathering, perhaps …





4 thoughts on “WPC: Gathering

  1. Ah, I’ve missed you, Argie! You always know how to put a laugh in my belly and smile on my face. That first piccie made me giggle. You are a master weaver of wit and repartee, takes an equally sly and on-the-ball type to spot the nuances, and the nuances are indeed fine sometimes…
    I do love your watercolour rendition of the peaceful dead, very nice piece of art. Now to read through the other 50 or so posts of yours that I have amassed in my email inbox…I’ll get there, now that I’m fully operational again. 😉

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