and fair enough too. Now consider the words of a somewhat ribald old English rugby song, along the lines of—

“… as I was walking through the woooood …”

—etc etc.

Anyway, as I was walking through the wood I came across a recently deceased tree (nothing new here: if it’s Queens Park in Invercargill it’s actually par for the course)(Southlanders hate trees and murder them at every opportunity).

Anyway: deceased trees weigh heaps. Lots. Ooodles lots, and they’re quite heavy too. But what caught and held my attention about this beast—

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 17.49.13

—was the ring-things that such cross-sectioned trees have in them. More than mere pretty concentric circles they convey information. Like if you count them they’ll tell you the age of the tree, that sort of stuff. Nothing new here, most of us know that and by now you’re thinking “So what? Has ol’ Argie lost the plot, again?” and well he might have.

Or not. Ol’ Argie is intrigued by how the innermost rings are so wide apart whilst the outers are all squished together. Does this indicate good (warm, moist, etc) growing years (inner) versus cold and inhospitable years (outers)? So we’re looking at about fifteen benign years here, perhaps?

But why should that one ring between the fat years and the lean years be wider, and brown? These are questions that weigh heavily on an old dog as he prowls the woods … and now, this (below) arrived just a few moments ago. Your mission is to—


—simply count the circle. Easy-peasy, as the wee Lady Parrot says in the animated movie ‘Rio’ (one of our very favourites).

(Sadly I cannot give it a credit ‘cos it came in uncredited with an email, but I like it~! A nice Challenge to end the day.)






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