WPC: Optimistic


two observations for this week’s Challenge

bee my honey?

—herewith a b, doing what they’re good at—working industriously from dawn to dusk, flitting endlessly from flower to flower and never once giving any thought to the eternal problem of cousin centipede “Which leg do I move next?” — which problem might well freeze me in my tracks were I a centipede or bee. Six legs, plus wings? Oops, overload … the optimism here is that the queen will bee at home on return, and grateful for the tribute* .


Rail to & from nowhere

Oh yes.

Some optimist in the past laid a rail line from his thriving business in those buildings to the railhead directly astern of me as I took the shot. He’s gone now and so, mostly, is his line. Sic transit gloria mundi and all that, especially with respect to railways. And business. Most of the buildings in this part of town are not in any way associated these days with the purposes for which some optimists built them … so optimism too is a transient (and fashionable?) thing.

(A reminder—clicking on a piccie in these posts should open you a bigger version of same; can use your Browser’s return arrow/button to get back. Good luck~!)


  • Is any politician ever actually grateful for tribute? No more than I am for having to pay it …




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