WPC: Optimistic




in this whole wide world …

Could possibly be more of an optimist than the person with a camera in his hands and in a holding pattern. Confused? Don’t be, just pour yourself a large hot coffee—lie back and enjoy whilst I give you an Argus summary. Serendipity rules, yay~!

The Spouse had to keep a medical appointment in Winton, so whilst she was inside confusing her doctor I wandered around outside seeking targets of opportunity—which explains to a degree the ‘serendipity’ thing above.


possibly be more serendipitatious than aiming at a pretty flower and at the last possible moment becoming aware of an incoming, and taking appropriate action? Shift target right and shoot. Boom boom! One incoming bumble captured forever in pixels, albeit a tad (~?!) fuzzy. I consider myself very lucky to have caught the guy at all. Guyette. Whatever …

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.08.03

Aw shucks (SFX: insert modest blush here please) any genius could have done it. Moving on—


here’s how we park down here in Southland. Anywhere else in New Zealand such precision would be frowned upon but down here we expect it. Only our drunks park between the lines (and that’s by accident whilst trying not to attract attention)—

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.54.24

—and I found myself hoping that’s not a surgeon’s car (well … it was in the staffie part of the car park).


can we credit vegetation with feelings, hopes, dreams, ambitions too? (I remember once seeing an optimistic spider climb all the way up a wall, to the top, where in a flurry of airbrakes and flashing wings he promptly disappeared. Whatever he was hoping for it don’t think it was to star at lunch.)


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.53.16

—despite what happened to a predecessor, this young tree (oak?) holds an optimistic view of location and chances. (For all I know it may even be the same tree, reincarnating after a significant time in Limbo—and good luck to him/her/it.)


yer basic elements, hmmm? The four elements of course being fire, earth, air, and water; of which the universe is constructed and all the others (elements) merely Johhny-come-latelies invented by mad scientists to inflict on poor school-kids. So?

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.52.30

So here’s an elemental water ball balanced sweetly atop a wee flower, enjoying a rosy outlook on life and never for one moment seeming aware that breezes blow through here enough to rock the boat a bit; the blowy-rocky state being our norm rather than the exception …

So is that drop demonstrating an optimistic world view, or what? Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.53.12


whoever buys one of these for her beloved husband at Christmas is indeed an optimist. But here’s a clue …… she ain’t not no Bitch neivva, Guv.

She’s actually a wee bit of a sweetie (but don’t ever tell her I said that*).

And it is in reality nicely rectangular and well formed, that’s just my optimistic photography that’s made it look a bit of a disaster. Angles, all is angles—are there no squares in the modern camera?


in Invercargill that’s closing down (wouldn’t it seem more optimistic to say ‘closing up’?) and whilst rabbiting about in there I murmured how much this notice rang my bell (did too~!) without for one moment thinking that eagle ears were trained in my direction and flapping furiously.

I LOVE IT! Boom boom!

And now, get thy camera out, take up the Challenge and


* She’ll never stop bitching that I’ve ruined a carefully cultivated image …



4 thoughts on “WPC: Optimistic

  1. I think your flower and bumble pic is a cracker. The target, i.e. the flower, is in perfect focus and thus plays the part of protagonist well in this unfolding tale of anticipated intimacy. Fuzzy bumble adds tension and dynamism to the narrative.

  2. I follow all of your blogs, but I can’t access the usual email that I use to receive notification of your posts anymore, despite my efforts to rectify the matter. Something about Yahoo and Apple not playing nicely. So I’m re-following you under a more salient e-mail address, for as long as that lasts as per Apple’s whims. Maybe now I won’t fall so behind in keeping up with your corner of the world. 🙂

    1. Yay~! Glad to have you back!
      As for the whims and arrows of outrageous webbies — I’m now having to investigate why my latest post has no automatic-active link photos. I’ve never had to activate ’em before, just bung ’em in.
      I’m going to experiment with that B & W surfy shot, it’s nothing in small but blows up quite nicely. My next post, in fact—if necessary I’ll change the ‘theme’ (a pity, I like this one) (Ecto) …

      1. I was having problems viewing the photos on your blog in actual fact, in that they were taking a huge amount of time to load up fully. But then again I have been having issues all day with the Mac, buggering thing! I’m liking Macs less and less with every breath, even though the image quality is as yet unsurpassed.
        Good luck with sorting your image links out. It could well be, as you say, the theme you’re using. It displays you shots really well however, once they load up! 🙂

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