Vibrant in a post obviously means


Or could it mean concept?

The mind boggles … can the colour green be vibrant? Any colour, really? I remember long ago seeing a sight that I could only describe as a “deep, vibrating purple”. Brrrrr.

So herewith a wee snappie for you—

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 16.55.21

—as always, clicking on the image will open it up and your browser’s ‘Return’ button will bring you back.

In the meantime, is that ‘vibrant’ or what?

Perhaps not really—I just noticed the little guy when I was out for a walk and thought that if he wasn’t careful he might get the point …

And now a philosophical query— can a monotone (almost) be Vibrant? Certainly they can be dull; so here’s a nice wee family grouping for you to ponder. Still January here in Kiwi and already the park is filled with fun guys popping up like mushrooms …

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 20.25.08

So next time in town I’ll get you some fly agarics. If the blasted kids have kicked all of ’em over (they’re certainly working at it). I think some modern educationalists have promoted them as being poisonous but without telling them simply not to touch: what part of “Look, they’re beautiful—but don’t touch” (complete with brief reasons) is so hard to understand, for the modern teacher?

Or is it a hangup from the days of Enid Blyton’s Noddy and Big Ears books being vilified as promoting homosexualism because N and B E shared a bed that time; and B E lived in a mushroom house that was red with white dotty spots? N and B E were vindicated when gays came out of the closet but perhaps the fear of mushrooms lingers … hell, most of the world’s special forces must all be gays ‘cos they are actually taught to share beds …




2 thoughts on “WPC: VIBRANT

  1. I could not let your dreadful fun guy go unanswered. So:

    It has been posteriorlated that such mushroom bedtime nonsense or queery is called the Theory of Pooping Frogs or Toad Stools.

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