TESTING 2 (in Opera)

please accept my humble


for this post repeating a previous method (in an earlier post, actually).

Using this theme (‘Ecto’) in the past had given me automatically linked photos — each photo was an active link to a much bigger version of itself.

Suddenly it’s stopped doing that, which could be a momentary aberration or something worse. Hence I’m testing by posting again a shot I’ve used before … this one—

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 20.55.49


to see if it worked, and our future is to be all goodness and light. Or: if it didn’t, it’s either

  • back to the drawing board, or
  • a change of theme …





5 thoughts on “TESTING 2 (in Opera)

  1. Yay, and thanks for that.
    Seems to work okay here, so I have no idea what went wrong earlier … but ain’t gonna fiddle, not no more at all never. Sorry to be tardy, just posted and got dragged out for dinner. Thank heavens for The Spouse, keeps the ol’ chow bowl filled, water bowl likewise, bedding changed and I get scratched behind the ears …

    Dum’ computers …

    1. Dum computers is right!
      However, it seems to be difficult not getting sucked into their little dramas. After the consternation my Mac caused me yesterday I might just leave it switched off, at least until I’ve done something else more worthwhile. I may brave the last of the snow and get some air in my lungs first, build up the strength to confront the currently sleeping beast, maybe even manage to post something in less than three hours… There’s a thought!
      Enjoy your day, even though I have absolutely no idea what time it is your end… 🙂

      1. If it’s any help, time in NZ now is 0810 (ish), time in Philadelphia is 1410 (ish) … sky is clear blue, sun gaining strength by the moment and we’re booked in for hot (yuk).
        Tomorrow, all going well, should be a little cooler with clouds and occasional showers so we’re going to Gemstone Beach …

      2. Gemstone beach, that sounds like an adventure. Are you taking the camera?

        It’s almost 2:30pm here. Sun is shining here too, but still huge mounds of snow about. I had a bit of an adventure myself on my walk earlier, negotiating long stretches of slick invisible ice. Almost came a cropper!

        Heat I’m happy with. I’d trade the snow and cold in a heart beat for sweltering heat!

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