please accept my humble


for this post repeating a previous photo (in my last post, actually).

Using this theme (‘Ecto’) in the past had given me automatically linked photos — each photo was an active link to a much bigger version of itself.

Suddenly it’s stopped doing that, which could be a momentary aberration of something worse. Hence I’m testing by posting again a shot I’ve used before … this one—

A shot to test the perceptions—clicking on this pic should take us to a much bigger version: use Browser's Return button to get back again.
A shot to test the perceptions—clicking on this pic should take us to a much bigger version: use Browser’s Return button to get back again.


to see if it worked, and our future is to be all goodness and light. Or: if it didn’t, it’s either

  • back to the drawing board, or
  • a change of theme …





12 thoughts on “TESTING

  1. Hah! It seems to have worked this time … I have no idea what went wrong last post and can’t spare the time to analyse 🙂 🙂

  2. Mind you, this one was posted using Safari — so I’ll repeat the exercise in the ‘Opera’ I normally use for photos (very much faster). Good lick! (Oops, luck …)

    1. I wanted a shot for (for want of a better word) ‘mindful exploration’ … so if you can see it full size you’ll discover what I mean; you can bounce from bit to bit and get sort of drawn in (I hope). For me I always seem to end up on the shining peak over there at the right …

  3. I’ve taken then liberty of setting your sea/mountainscape as my desktop background so I can look at it some more. It’s a stunning capture, forces the brain to rationalise what it’s looking at. Are they hills in the mid ground?

    When I was a young kid I used to think I could see mountains in the distance on the horizon, as where I grew up in southern Spain that was the case. Though by this point I was in the UK, no mountains. I was always so disappointed when my Dad corrected me telling me they were just clouds. Your image conjures some of the magic again. 🙂

    1. Hah~! You may come again, anytime! (Sniff…)

      Taken from Gemstone, looking across to Fiordland and the Southern Alps which stretch north oooooodles. Sadly I can’t remember when I took this one; we were planning on going there tomorrow but it depends on weather (at this time of year if we get it wrong we sizzle like eggs in a cast-iron frying pan).

      1. Thank you, Argie, you are ever so kind!

        My guess is you are hoping it will be much cooler tomorrow in order for said trip to happen…?
        You may have already said that part in a previous comment, but I’m on a roll, finally catching up and feeling half normal again…

      2. Yay! Currently too far north of stinkin’ hot already, here, and tomorrow booked in for more of the same; so we’re now aiming further out to Friday …

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