that is


buildings. The Spouse and I went to Gore the other day and I tried to capture some of the buildings. Sadly, not well. The were up a side-street that decades ago had more importance than today and the tattiness is showing. I also captured— but wait, that comes after these art deco thingies:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 20.18.54

—the building used to be a post-shop outlet, made commercial when New Zealand took a step backwards from Communism (it was close~!) a few years ago. Then it lay empty for ages. Just recently it was taken over and injected with el mucho stationery; and with a dedicated coffee outlet coming soon it will present a very severe challenge to the Paper Plus shop right next door.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 20.20.20

Along a wee bit, and this too is reminiscent of a ‘mincing little Belgian’ whom The Spouse and I love (have you seen ‘Appointment With Death‘? love it! Especially the way the unpleasant lady gets to enjoy her sun-bathing … aaaah, justice). A pity, sometimes, that Poirot is so good at his job.


some nostalgia. I honestly didn’t think these things existed any more, replaced by modern gadgetry—

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 20.47.15

—yet here they are, genuine fully functioning Belisha Beacons (the orange lollipop thing on a stick). And if the perspective looks a bit wonky on that building … the street sticks out at an angle from the main road which is off to our left. I imagine the architect was instructed to conform to street frontages, and did so. That is a genuine not-square building


here be the very first ever meteor captured by moi. Forgive me if I’ve posted it before (somewhere, everywhere) and of course there’s lots of fuzzy—I had to blow the shot up no end to make it more visible.


Visiting at the time, mine hosts were quite accommodating of the old dog’s eccentricities (and yes, those are the stars of the Southern Cross, albeit a bit time dilated*). Spouse of course sat inside nattering—she too well knows the Old Dog …



* I’m beginning to feel a bit Challenged …


2 thoughts on “FOR DECOS

  1. Deco architecture definitely gives w place a certain feel. Deco buildings often remind me of cake boxes. Or noodle boxes, the kind they only seem to have in American movies. Suffice to say it’s a style that appeals to me in many ways. Cute, boxy, and abstract, with humour thrown in.
    Thanks for sharing these, Argie.

    I’ve only ever witnessed a meteor in transit once or twice. I remember thinking Haley’s Comet looking like a big headlight in the sky.

    1. From down here Halley’s was just a distant smudge … after all the hype, a total disappointment.

      Meteors I’ve seen oodles of but this is the only one lucky enough to photograph.
      I was under a tree in daylight once when I heard a hissing, and surprised, looked up for the source—saw a meteor expiring in the upper reaches.

      It was only later that I discovered that “you just cannot hear a meteor in time to see it”. If so (big ‘if’~!) then the only explanation I can offer is that there must’ve been some kind of electromagnetic disturbance that somehow was demodulated and made audible by (possibly the moisture in?) the leaves of the tree.

      Maybe tonight I’ll go out after dark and possibly get lucky. Don’t wait up 🙂

      Glad you liked the Decos … Poirot is set very much in that period.

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