Who among us doesn’t love bumble bees?

They are big, cuddly, fluffy, hard working, golden, unaggressive, cute, active, agile, blundering, inoffensive—

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 21.44.15

and bloody hard to get a good shot of on a hot day. Must be something in the warmth … but sometimes even a bee preparing for take-off on a bouncing (Invercargill and wind, the terms are synonymous) branch is appealing. Sort of …

I looked at the info attached to this shot and the exposure was a hundredth of a second. So?

So look at them wings—just a blurry blur. So I would guess he’s (okay, she’s) flapping at quite a few flaps more than a hundred times a second. I find that impressive.

In the park I’d found a wee stretch with some very ‘bee friendly’ plants. Bees were virtually queueing up, in some case as one moved out then next moved in at once—

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 08.15.22

—patiently waiting the while.

In my haste I got an awesome amount of fuzzy shots; which is okay, ‘cos bees are fuzzy to begin with … and despite sticking the camera right in their furry little faces sometimes, I was never stung.

Neither was the camera, they just buzzed on. I like that … put me down as loving bumblebees, and the other little honeys …





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