lest the raindrops rise up (oops) come down and smite thee


… indeed, if the raindrops seem bigger than cannon balls.

SCENE SETTERScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 09.15.58

I was galloping through the intermittent showers (early autumn) (too early, this year) in Invercargill’s Queens Park looking for a tree (one the Management hadn’t yet savaged with chainsaws) and taking a shortcut through the roses happened upon a fly perched disconsolately on a budding bunch of petals.


Fly, walking

—wary little bugger, I backed off when he twitched. You never know with flies … anyway the rains hadn’t arrived yet.

And after the harbingers of soggy doom started splattering the innocent, the quick, the dead, and me alike, I paused passing the Eroticas (gorgeous scent) and saw this guy peeping out of a not-Erotica; obviously hunkered down and well prepared to ride out the coming squall:

Bee shelter

—I think he was a bee. In which case he would be a she, no? She bee or not she bee, that is the question … anyway, when I first approached the flower with a view to getting a blooming shot closeup all I saw was that huge pair of eyes peering back; and as my lens went in so she crawled out. I got the shot then let her bee, just hoping that her wee refuge wouldn’t fill up on her.


Herewith below be a shot of a once-was-tree. All well and good, and very sometimes you may see kids climbing on it, and even more rarely unwary tourists sitting at it—

ex-tree in Q's Park

—and afterwards ruefully brushing each other down. Dumb buggers …

To the right, the path that once wound through a gorgeous avenue of trees. Further to the right and out of sight (beyond the survivors) lies the golfing course, all well and good; and now to our left a new path put in so that people could access these lovely works of art/wooden sculptures. Take a look along the line of mosntrosi  artworks; all of that was once lovely mature woodland …


ol’ Argie is not (r) NOT a progressive wiv-it thinker.

MEMO to self: stop resisting/regretting change, ya dum’ mutt. Go with the flow— trees stink, think savannah!

Or better, think desert … and change all those flies and bees for scorpions, no doubt? Brrrr.





3 thoughts on “For Ark: TAKE COVER

  1. Lovely shade of coral, that first one. I like the others too, even the poor battered rose with the fly on it.
    I was shooting blooms myself last weekend. Mostly misses, though I get some I liked. I was trying out my new Canon, although it can get a bit messy at full bore. It’s good fun though, does the blooming colours justice, very vivid indeed!
    All this homogenised urbanisation is, well, homogenous. Everything everywhere is beginning to look the same the world over. And it is a shame really, although nothing new. Look what the Romans and the Greeks did. Made everything, everywhere look sort of Romano-Greekish … them Venetians (yes, them again) did the same. Reminds me of The Life of Brian when Brian on addressing the crowd stipulates that everyone is an individual. Of course there is always someone in the crowd who isn’t…digression, lovely thing! 😉

    1. Yay~! New camera, new Canon! Canon what, and how are you liking it? Is it user friendly or does it need a Masters in Electronic wizardry?

      1. It is a Canon SX60 (take a squiz at it on the net – you’ll like it). I read the manual, but worked the rest out as it was as clear as mud. I have another Canon point ‘n’ shoot, and it seems to have much the same firmware, so it didn’t take too long to work out all the bells and whistles.
        Although, like with all new equipment getting the hang of getting it to do what you want it to can take a while.
        It’s got a ridiculous zoom lens, can’t remember the exact figure, but you can quite happily snap a pimple on Uncle Fred’s elbow in a crowd from a fair distance away!
        It’s great fun! 🙂

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