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Oh well …


the dead live in harmony? Are there untold tales begging to be unearthed and revealed—or at least, explained?


was, hot-footing through the road less travelled towards the park when I saw a wee wall. Being of a curious disposition (it means nosy old bastard) I approached this little wall—

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.31.49

—calculating the cost/benefits analysis of such an apparently unused property, and peeped over. There on the ground was a golden one-dollar coin, already a benefit.

But it was on private land so obviously I could have no claim on it. To it. Whatever; but noticed something really incongruous in an urban setting. This—

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.32.19

—apparently abandoned and begging a vacant mind to fill with stories. I leaned over and tested it for weight, oodles. Been there quite a wee while too but as yet had grown no fur. (I didn’t trespass, just held the camera upside-down at arm’s length over the wall and snapped. Kah-loo kahlay, I got the coin in the shot too! Is that serendipity or what?)

So I wonder if the person being honoured with that stone is in harmony with the fact that his stone is nowhere near where it should be—or has someone in fact shoved him under it and officialdom doesn’t know? I ain’t gonna tell nobody … I moved on.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.36.05


where this is one of several trees that ring my bell. I’ve never yet been able to capture the way it sometimes glows against its backgrounds. The above snap is exactly as shot (no tweaks) but does it no justice. I shan’t draw the attention of the Park Management to it—it would be gone within days (they have this thing about trees).


mushroom I lifted mine eyes unto the hills and beheld

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.34.38

a golfing game in progress. Flip camera to auto and shoot, still on mini-tripod perched on a stump and this is what you get. Harmony?

Harmony is when the golfers are (a) still speaking to each other, (b) still politely addressing their balls, and (c) haven’t yet wrapped their clubs around the nearest immovable object. Here we have three guys in perfect harmony with their surroundings. For now.


possibly be more harmonious than Julie Andrews singing about raindrops on roses and whisky in kittens etc etc? Not too many kits in the park but no shortage of raindrops …

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.39.01

And talking of raindrops—this shot didn’t quite capture as planned but I still love it—

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.22.16

(it’s better bigger … more in harmony with the mood)

At which point The Spouse has just called me, an imperious summons— no fool, I shall attend …





9 thoughts on “WPC: HARMONY

  1. Goat of the week, I forgot that I’d posted this earlier and added more. Still, everyone is in harmony with bees, no?

  2. Ah! So that’s what this werk’s challenge is! The buggers at WP gave me the runaround, so I gave up trying to find out what it was.

    I shall have to have a rummage in photo library now…

    1. Good luck~! And your new camera is brilliant at shooting the moon (even by hand, but you have to get used to the slow rolling stabilisation (reminds me of the days of sailing ships, and the gunner’s exhortation to “Fire on the upward roll!”).

  3. That bee shot is Ark-worthy, Argus! (are you named after the plane, or did the plane get your name?) 😉

  4. They named a plane after me? *sniff …*

    Maybe they justified it such; that a wet blotter is like a lazy dog. How so, you might ask? Well … a wet blotter is an ink-lined plane, no?

    And an inclined plane is a slope up.
    And what else is a slow pup if not a lazy dog?

    Dammit, as a lazy ol’ dog I feel honoured … It’s a first … *sniff*

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