I’ve heard it said, that


yourself, first—

then you cannot love someone else.

An interesting thought and a bit deep for an old dog at this time of night, so I abdicate to the philosophers. But here’s a wee group of trees I shot in the park in Gore, last week—

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 23.30.29

—so close together, a passionate proximity that’s obviously done well for them all. Massive, straight up, high. Tall and proud, I like that in my tree.


Whatever; but to survive proximity of that nature for decades bespeaks a love that endureth. (Pleathe excuthe thilly lithp …) But wait, all is not what it at first seems (it never is. Kids, don’t try this at school) and beneath the arboreal cluster an old Grandaddy type obviously on kid-duty and loving it—

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 21.35.42

NOW:  what I know and you as yet don’t, is that that cluster is all actually just one tree—that big one in the above pic. For whatever reason our subject tree split and became four. Clever, but another poser for the philosophers. Here’s the wee fellow’s base—

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 21.35.17

—you’ll just have to0 imagine all the bits in between. My point being, of course, self-love and one-love.

It’s absolutely true that unless you have self-love you are unable to love another—but it takes the average yogi sixty years of perching on a pin to realise that; You, lucky person, are getting it from me for free.

Is that an act of love, or what?

Here, have a nice mushroom—

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 22.10.12

Awwwwww … heck with the expense, have some more—

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 22.09.48

—and be advised that these are ‘looking at’ mushrooms, not the eatey kind. After the recent wets and colds and now warms, these are popping up all over the place and I just can’t keep up: I love them, and it’s a challenge. (Hmmmmm, I wonder … naaaaaaahhhh …)





5 thoughts on “WPC: ONE LOVE

  1. Wonderful post, Argus. Excellent photos too.
    Acacia trees also appear to ”cluster”. Their surface roots sprout new shoots which grow into fully fledged trees, if allowed.
    There are acacias next door and I am forever digging up little ”baba trees” in my garden and hacking back the roots to the wall – or as close as I can get to the the wall.

    The red mushroom is amazing. All it’s missing is a fairy sitting on top.

    1. Thanks Ark, much appreciated. I don’t know if acacia would survive here, but the current variations in climate have done wonders for the mushrooms. (And thank heavens for the tilt-screens on the modern camera, I now no longer have well meaning souls galloping over to my prone body gasp if I’m alright?)

  2. Never a truer word uttered in the axiom of yours there!
    Marvellous post, dearest Argie! I was thinking of you just the other day as I was lining my sights up on a tree that was rather reminiscent of Ol’ Mr. Pine… I shall have to dig it out and post it…
    I do like your shrooms… Very nice entry for this/last week’s challenge too! Can’t keep up…

  3. Thanks again, Ma’am. I have a major problem with mushies that may well bar me from the park for a few weeks … I mean, what can I possibly do with thousands of shots of mushies? And still I can’t walk past a deep red, white spots, or fungal philosophical statement …

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