Dance is the physical expression of emotion

… right?

Or not. Can a skeleton dance? Or a rock? Does ‘dance’ really have to be the action of a sentient being? Too much for me so I just bimble along the street with my camera, and en passant caught this—

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 19.59.23

—which has to be viewed large to appreciate. First let me set the scene:

I’ve been fighting my all-singing all-dancing modern camera for many months. My first Olympus was an OM2n, handraulic with (for the time) all sorts of electronic wizardry. But inside every OM2 lurked an OM1 and a simple flip of a switch enabled either. God was in His Heaven and all was right with the world etc etc and I was one happy puppy. So?

My new camera can even fry a breakfast omelette and/or wash the windows whilst simultaneously whistling ‘Dixie’. All well and good, but I just do not have enough years left in which to figure endless menus, sub-menus, sub-sub-sub (etc etc until day and night shall come to an end) sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub menus (you want definition of the ‘nth degree? Buy one of these—you got it, in your hands).

Oops … back to ‘dance’ and the rhetorical “can a skeleton dance?” … of course skeletons, rocks, tin suits (and even Southlanders) can dance. All is motion, the physicists tell us, so we got it covered.

Oh, yes—enough rambling and on with the show:  it was getting dark and I was hoofing the local town on my way to the graveyard. Nope—nothing spooky or maudlin, I just find that marble angels make ideal photographic models (and not once have I been presented with a bill). Passing, I saw the tin suit in the window and shot it. The exposure cleverly made night into day but I got the armour I was enamoured with whilst unconsciously thanking the gods of Olympus for so superb a stabiliser.


Don’t ask. I have no idea how to get this blasted camera to focus on poorly lit distant objects, so star shots and such stuff are serendipity; and as for my angels—

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 09.41.09

—none of ’em turned out. In fact, this X was the best of a poor bunch (and I was actually aiming for the moon) …


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 09.45.10

Taken by daylight. Ages ago. So with a near-full moon directly behind me illuminating this bunch of rocks … how hard should it be?

But do not worry, I will bone up some more on the books/webbies/Utoob etc etc; and when totally confused go back and try again.

A final question before I let you go—

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 09.45.33

—why are angels always slightly ambiguous? Given that this poor thing has suffered a wee bit of vandalistic attention in the past I’m still not sure if he’s quite pretty or she’s a bit rugby-forwardish. I leave it to the more knowledgeable—but I think it’s a work of art, either way.


To misuse Verne:


  • mobilis in mobile


  • immobilis in mobile


  • immobilis in immobile

—and to get a wee bit philosophical (this confounds the religious, the scientific; gods and laxities alike: immobilis in immoble is my vote.


Don’t be. The way I see it, absolutely nothing (r) nothing in the universe moves. Ergo:  ‘dance’ is impossible …

Don’t wait, call now, the lines are open and this operator’s champing at the bit ready to respond. 





5 thoughts on “WPC: DANCE

  1. Beautifully clear and simple shots, the Angels I mean. I like your reflection shot too.
    You say new camera, is this a new new camera, or the same one that’s been vexing you for a while now…?

    1. It’s not the Canon, it’s my Olympus. It was new over a year ago, jammed up and the folks at Olympus couldn’t fix it so honoured the warranty and gave me a replacement. I paid the difference to cover replacing with the new Mk 2 version, which is what I’m now fighting—the manual is a ‘challenge’ (to say the least) but the machine itself is brilliant.

      Furthermore: mutter mutter mutter …

      1. I’ve just been reading up on your camera specs and it is just like my Fujifilm X100T, but with a few extra knobs and whistles on it. Very nice piece of kit indeed!

        There are various handbooks available through Amazon. They have a Kindle version too.
        I bought such a book for my X100S, and found it thoroughly useful and easier to use than the instruction manual.

        Good luck!

        I’m looking forward to seeing more of your shots taken with this rather handsome beast of a camera! 😉

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