WPC: Landscape


everything is landscape, except perhaps the odd portrait, macro, or the inside of an inkwell—

“Daddy …”

“Yes, Cutie?”

“Daddy … … … what’s an inkwell?”

‘Nuff said and moving on: some landscapes have depth but are so encompassing they seem, well, sort of flattish. And some—

Gore, perspective

—as in Southland’s second largest thriving metropolis (Gore*) have horizon-stretching depths, perspectives that fade to infinity. (And some dam’ fine coffee shops, boom boom!)


venture out into a Southland landscape there’s a very good chance that you will be buzzed (nay, blitzed!) by one fantail if you are lucky, two if you are half so lucky. They are extremely agile and extremely hyperactive, which means shooting one with a camera can be very much a question of pure luck coupled with serendipitatious good fortune—

Fantail 13052013

—both of which I had in heaps when aiming at some leaves. No way can I claim credit (doesn’t stop me trying though) for this fortuitous capture of a fantail passing through the convergence zones of lighting, landscape, and focus. Sadly he wasn’t perched on a branch — hah! Then you’d see why he’s called a fan-tail …

Oops, Spouse wants me to help her watch a TV thing before bed.

But first—

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 09.55.28

—taken a year or two back on the way to Gemstone Beach. Those mountains are a fair old distance away …

Nitey-nite …

* Gore: second city of the Empire (Southland). First is Invercargill with fifty thousand folks, second is Gore with ten thousand, third is Winton with two thousand on a good day … after that is cow-towns with more cows than people. (Got blue skies though … boom boom!)


2 thoughts on “WPC: Landscape

    1. Thanks, Ark.
      Sadly, it was pure luck.
      Anyway, had I tried for the shot all I’d have got would have been blurs. Fantails are good at blur …

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