WPC: Admiration

Do I admire?

Indeed I do. My admiration is for everyone and everything in fact—try me:


or perhaps not (I got a brief mental image of various recent American presidents … brrrr.) If we go down that track we could find ourselves in pretty deep, so first off here’s a nice unrelated angle—

grim reaper fruit

—on an angel. I admire anyone who can carve angels out of old bits of rock. As an atheist I don’t go much on the concepts here but I do admire artwork—a pity that someone more forthright than me got there first and our feathery friend is now missing wingtips and stuff. (But again I have to ask, why hermaphroditic? Are angels male, female, both, or neither? One for the padre I guess … now let’s move on:


hare today

and gone within seconds. That was one alert crittur, I tell you. And I only got this shot at extreme range yesterday on my walk. I couldn’t even distinguish wee fellow with the naked eye; luckily I’d tracked him with the camera when he scampered off and shot him with my trusty old Canon when he briefly stopped in the distant distance (great zoom, marvellous stabiliser too). I admire anyone who survives so long in a world of speeding cars, hungry hawks, traps, poisons, grumpy shotguns, big growly dogs and demented amateur photographers.


Cam alley

—the owners of a dying shopping arcade in a declining wee town city. This sign purports to show the contents of said arcade, but wottif we do a quick analysis here …

… we’ll find that only five of those little slips (out of twenty berths) are valid. Not good. But they get my admiration for at least trying … Unknown

And so do the people at Olympus. My favourite camera is an Olympus, but it’s away right now having the On/Off switch repaired. To show the problem to the guy in the store where I bought it I’d taken a lovely snap of a bracket fungus … with the camera switched off. He understood immediately …

But before all that happened, I scored this wee tree in Gore—

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 17.13.51I made a point of noting its name and details, and of course (senile old poop~!) by the time I got home I’d forgotten. But worthy of admiration? You have to see that bronzey-bronze effect to appreciate it. Yup!



3 thoughts on “WPC: Admiration

    1. I don’t relate at all to the ‘people’ who promote animal misuse, dog-fighting, bull prolonged-torturing-and-killing as spectacle, cock fighting … the list is endless.

      Animals it seems, aren’t sentient beings but things. Not good. I could never be an animal rescuer—such innocents suffering drives me deeper into the arms of atheism.

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