Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

In town

during the week, these unlikely partnerships—


—the cash slurper machine close by the Safari kid-jiggler machine just outside of Global Bytes coffee place. I haven’t done it justice—such a blaze of appealing colours and eye-catching fuzzy shapes; all partners working to separate young Mums from their hard-won cash whilst teaching infants that things aren’t always as simple as they seem (especially I liked the bunny over on the very right) …


to introduce a hint of the religious, I love mind bogglers—

flagged up

—and I know it’s a terrible shot. Couldn’t be helped, but bear with me; and the subject isn’t the wee flaggie atop the pole but those vertical hunks of rusty old iron. Plough on and all shall be revealed—not so much by what can be seen, but by what you don’t see which is the whole intended image, really (ye gods, is it complicated being a photographer, or what?).

Moving on, or rather, moving around a bit and trying again on a truly horrible lovely day—

rusty tin tin

—are things becoming a bit clearer? I was after all shortcutting through a church’s car park—

gott mit uns (mittens, get it?)

—and I think the disproportions in the horizontal crossmember is/are due to perspective or something. A wee miscalculation on the part of the sculptor (engineer?) perhaps. Or I may not have been in the right place for viewing. Yep, complicated. I like the design, but face it—no centurion or legionary, even with the worst intentions in the world, could nail someone to that cross (the nails would bend for a start)(oh, really?).


resist. What images do we conjure up?

sweaty old socks

Step out of Global Bytes entranceway and there it be, right in front of the pharmacy next door. Spouse saw it first and snorted; we played with theme as we wandered up the road delighting in the images conjured up of young ladies trying desperately to ‘fit in’ (and be with it) by making themselves honk of sweaty football shorts, grubby jerseys or well gamed socks … it takes all sorts.





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