Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

All the usual things we expect when we look up, no? Clouds, aircraft, birds, and in season the occasional Santa …


they tell me, are merely feathery dinosaurs that changed their spots (still lay eggs, though—thank heavens)*. So thanks to evolution we need no longer dread looking up …

Dino (very hungry!)

… but if you are ever having a coffee in the Invercargill Museum, watch out for yonder Cassiiosaur—he has that lean and hungry look; and you, my inquisitive friend, may be merely an hors d’oeuvre …


a few gillion years. To the Invercargill Civic Centre, aka theatre, etc, wherein if you stand just so outside and peer up you get a variation on the old ‘drainpipe’ theme whilst meeting The Challenge

pipe me up, Scottie

—and sometimes it’s better to be in ignorance that to know exactly what passes through ancient plumbing like this. No wonder they put it outboard, far better to take a leak where the carpets are safe.

Moving on, now, to where I was bimbling along the estuary close by the airport pondering the vicissitudes of fate and climate, when of a sudden, lo! this beastie flew overhead—


—and for the life of me I don’t remember if it was coming, going, or been. And yes, it was a darkling sky (I got growled at for being late later).

A drop. Not a drip
A drop. Not a drip. If it were enough drops it would then be a drip; and if we were to put our lovely new drip under pressure it would become a spurt (winter here, wrong season so it can’t be a spring).

And yes, I did look up for this. And then held my lovely new replacement (new) camera at arm’s length overhead and used the wee flippy-out twistable screen to get my shot. Amazing how many folks en passant stop passanting to gawp at the senile contortionist, but I put it down to the current lack of vitamin D (no oomph in the sun).


sufficient unto the day etc, I’m off to gobble dinner (after which I’ll plan the next assault upon your sensitivities).



* I love eggies~!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

    1. One gets around, afoot. Drive to town, abandon car, look about and on return car is actually still there—whatever else, Invercargill is mostly nice.

      1. Compared to too many places it’s heaven, I guess. If reincarnation be real: next time around I’m opting for penguin …

  1. Eggies sound really good right about now, (still early-ish here, mid-morning. That’s early enough when you’re retired).
    Looking up is akin to crouching down low as a photographer. Both things that one can forget is within the realm of possibilities when one is holding a camera. How to tell the difference between a photo-snapping tourist and a more serious photography type? One is upright and only aims the camera at eye-level subjects, the other looks awkward and uncomfortable, and perhaps a little nosier than normal… 😉

    1. As a person I like to blend in and vanish—not an extravert at all.
      But hanging upside down from a sagging branch over a duckpond does tend to attract attention … mixed emotions? You got it~!

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