Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

Girl on a swing


girl on a swing, swing looooow …

… Old Dog on a swing—

swinging swingers

—fall off.


Ye gods … I’d just taken a snap of the Invercargill water tower. We’re not allowed up it these days as in City Hall they’ve declared it “earthquake prone”(and still they expect tourists?) because no-one told them the difference between ‘earthquake prone’ and ‘earthquake risk’ or even a more accurate ‘earthquakely vulnerable’ … so somewhat grandiosely they bleat to all and sundry that Invercargill is “earthquake prone” … and who would I be to pop their bubble by telling them? Modern edjucation, it car’nt be beet.

Oh yes, the swing. I sat on the bit of old car tyre that made the seat and looked up. And I saw that it was good, and fruitful, and would fulfil the prophecy laid down by the Challenge.

So I took it. On a windless day, on a static swing—how could anyone possibly fall off? (A City Council person doubtlessly could, but moi?)

I blame it on the recoil of firing that shot, after which the swing swung and I almost fell off. Luckily my wildly flailing flails grabbed the handles in time; I put it down to ol’ Argus being a bit accident prone. Or simply clumsy.


and quitting whilst not ahead but yet not too far astern  …

right up my alley

I looked up this alley as I was hoofing by, stopped, went back and got the shot. So?

So when I looked back after I’d set off again it seemed that endless streams of passers-by were stopping to peer up ‘my’ alley. Until I’d got my shot nobody but nobody but an old dog with a camera showed any sign of interest in the same alley that had been there for generations. Nobody, that is, but graffiti vandals and Bill Posters (he gets around a bit, ol’ Bill).


on my way back to the Water Tower I looked up and beheld this plague. Oops, plaque—plagues can be cured but if you’ve got plaque you’re stuck with it. Or is it the other way around? Never mind, take notice—

a notice

—and it’s legal, I did have to look up to get it. One day I’ll have to Google that one and find a U-toob for it. I have infinite faith in the combination of Mr Google and U-T to come up with the goods, and then, only then, shall I know what the march sounds like …

… ye gods, that’s it? Hell, I know that tune and love it~! All the times I’ve heard it, even marched to it, and never knew … sniff …


before I forget, here’s yer Water Tower again—

H2O to go

—prone to earthquakes, remember. And before I forget, the opposite of Up is Down, right? So, is the opposite of both … level? Horizontal? Whatever, here be ol’ Gemstone Beach again, chosen this time for its ability to encapsulate all seasons in a single moment.

Gemmy Beach, Orepuki

And it was cooooooold …





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