WPC: Details


everything is details.

So here we go, two snaps per item: the first snap is your Detail, the second is where your detail was garnered from. At. First shot I challenge with a detail while you guess; second shot I reveal whilst you say “Hah! I knew that!” with a clear conscience. Yeah, right …

Here, let me show you—

slick, ain't it?

—and if you haven’t guessed at first glance what this icky sticky gooey gunge is, it came from this—

oily boird country

Which you would (of course~!) have guessed straight off had I but posted this alternative detail.

colours, too, can twirl

So, now that you have all the details in their proper places, let’s move along in similar vein—

a blob. So wot?

—yep! It is exactly what it looks like, and furthermore: yeuch.

Okay, clever person … now find this (the above disgustipating blobby thing) detail in the larger viewpoint below:

blobbed too

—which ain’t easy. As with most shots in this blog, clicking on the pic here will open up a larger version for you. (And when you give up, look to the bottom left corner of the red sign and go down a few more inches to the left, and voila~!)

And here is probably a good place to stop for now, I want a peep at today’s haul whilst The Spouse is swearing at the dinner she’s cooking. (When she fries chicken it’s no holds barred and no prisoners …)

OH, OK then. Just one more, a bit more of a Challenge for you—

no clues in the title

—give up?

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy …


I gotcha! There’s just no way you’d have guessed from the detail above that it was from this—

eye, eye, Sir or Madame

—taken standing with my back to the wall (the red ‘Postie’ wall in the previous) I zoomed in on (okay, I tell a lie. I hoofed over to it and macro’d in on) the lowered eyelid and caught the eyelashes about central in the shot.

The devil, they say, is in the details* …






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