WPC: Cherry


Referring of course to the expected delight that crowns and completes the whole treat.

This in New Zealand being not the season for cherries (and bloody cold down here right now, too)* maybe you’ll settle for an apple? And a wee stretch of definitions … ?


After all, the apple is ‘sort of’ cherry coloured, and being afloat it is at the top. Of that stretch of creek.

Moving on—

c on t 2

The ‘cherry on the top’ of this one being (for me) that I love puns, and this is effectively a visual paradox. You can read it the same both ways, but yes, this is the way I saw and shot it.


Do you speak American, and dig unsubtle?

devil dolly

Moving on while I can still bark … I came across this (below) in ‘The Cheeky Lama‘ (a coffee etc place in Queens Park, very nice goodies there too) some time ago and just couldn’t resist it—


—the cherry On Top this time being that modern Political Correctness would have us believing that any form of condiment is entirely other than safe …


storm is over I may get to take The Spouse into town (tomorrow) and get some shots more in keeping with this week’s Challenge. Don’t wait up …



* You want cherries? Okay—here’s a snap I took a year back, of a genuine cherry vendor within one week (!) of the summer solstice—

chilly cherry vendor

—make of it what you will …


3 thoughts on “WPC: Cherry

  1. Nice entry for the week’s challenge, Argie. Perhaps I ought to give it a whirl myself, though I haven’t a clue what I might have in my arsenal. I’ll have to have a think.
    Your cherry vendor shot I remember from the first time you posted it. It’s a very good one. I like shots of street vendors. Interesting bunch.

    That lunch sign very amusing… 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ma’am. Just as well that no-one mentioned the Lady Devil on top of the sign … as a pun it was a bit grubby, but there ya go with an old dog. Boom boom!

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