Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

and what could possibly be more fun for a cynic than being let loose upon his unsuspecting fellow humans, armed to the teeth with a quick-firing camera and no sense of mercy?


you fiend …

fun one

—and don’t even think about stopping me now! (To be honest, I haven’t a clue either—the sign was in an alcove next to a music shop but I have no idea what they were selling.)


bus … what could be more fun than sneaking up on the still-undressed, the quite unaware, the perfectly innocent quietly basking in the morning



I dropped it in but only because I really like the shades of green. And those luscious lascivious luxurious curves. Brrrr, makes one come all over quite goosey … fun, though.

bubble fashions (I think?)

For the above I was short-cutting through the Southern Institute of Technology’s Arcade. It links Esk Street with Dee, and is filled with modern ‘clever’ stuff at the cutting edge of “Ye utter Gods”, like the above—

—for which someone must’ve received a degree, diploma, been certified … I was galloping by, but with a warped sense of the old ho-ho had to stop and shoot. Hell, even as I was trying to stifle my joy (fun, I tells ya~!) I couldn’t help but wonder if it weren’t inspired to just a tiny degree by what was the ‘in’ state-of-the-art for deep-sea divers of a century and more ago. Amazing what you can do with a few ring things and a willing model …

It’s fun to be ready for anything.

Al E. Kat

I turned into an alley, short-cutting to the next street and right before my eyes a wee tourist group likewise carping the diem. Dad stumping off in the distance, Mum reclaiming her brood from the clutches of the folk-art mural astern of them; moiself a flit to the fore and getting the shot before anyone’s fun could be ruined.

She had a lovely smile, I floated out of there backwards …


of this truly horrible flu and just rabbit through some more old shots. (Got rid of a couple of thousand already).




3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

  1. Ooh, love your alley shot, Argie, that’s marvellous!
    The colours and the lighting are tremendous. Great timing on toiself’s behalf!

    Tardy as ever, I may have to have a rummage and see what I can proffer for this week’s challenge.

    Great entry my dearest friend!
    Tell this flu of yours to hurry up and get gone…!

    1. Working on it, Ma’am. Thank you for kind words. Furthermore, honk, bark dribble … how long is eternity? I think it can be measured in flu-days …

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