WPC: Rare

… as rare as hen’s teeth? Perhaps.

As rare as an honest or genuinely altruistic (with his/her own money) politician? Awww, gimme a break … but: ’tis now the very early hints of springtime down here at the tail end of Godzone, and having survived the most worstest flu of my life I was (still groggily) tripping through Queens Park when I came across

(a) some crocus flowers, and

(b) a totally early bee.

So? So I set up an ambush. Using long forgotten skills I integrated his rates in three dimensions and calculated an intercept for the perfect bee and flower shot.

And I flubbed.

Blasted bee was that most elusive of all critturs, an acrobatic aerobat bee, master of her abilities and apparently determined to foil the old dog with a camera.

Did too—

a b

—but I still think that for this location at this time of seasons I achieved, if not the impossible, something extremely rare—is that bee grinning, or what?

And now, moving on—


which at first glance may appear a wee bit “So wot” eh, wot?


but: there’s more here than one might suspect.

The shot is virgin (a rarity in itself these days) being completely unfiddled with. Just as the lens caught it as I was tripping lightly past. Last March …

It was unreal … no wind, nearest tree the one behind this floating leaf … I didn’t believe it. Just hanging, suspended in the void—there had to be some trickery involved.

But first I got me shot.

Then I investigated very carefully … and found not one but three strands of invisible spider web going off in different directions such as to suspend said leaf as-is/where-was (shoulder height above the ground, significantly remote from the nearest anythings); which after problem solved I moved on leaving leaf floating for the next person (or eternity). Rare? A oncer~!


than hens’ teeth (in New Zealand) a tin suit for sale in a shop window—

tinny suit

—caught at dusk so you may have to put some effort into sorting said suit from reflections. So rare it’s the first I’ve ever seen for sale anywhere in NZ, although in Arrowtown a year or three back they did have a full medieval hauberk (replica). I wasn’t allowed to try it on but she did let me test the weight, and once I’d duly expressed due gasps etc etc she told me it was about 14 kilos. My respect greatly increased for the folks who could wear such as underwear (with a full tin suit over the top) and then spend several hours bashing other guys over the head with a mace whilst preventing self from becoming their bashee, probably with a shield in one hand and fearsome things in the other … no wonder Danny Kaye’s character had problems in “The Court Jester” (Glynnis Johns, boom boom!).

Sky piggy
And now to peruse my photo-library, in case I might find something even more rarer still — a shot I’m actually satisfied with. 

Yeah … and skyborne piggies might yet meet the challenge




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