WPC: Frame


we see a blatant right-in-your-face frame. Nice … other times we have to work at it. Some frames can be assumed, and subtle. Good challenge for the discerning.

I like subtle. Subtle is good—and we can always hide behind ‘subtle’ if we can’t solve the problem. Like this, for example—where the heck is our ‘frame’ here?

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 21.40.49.png

Brilliant reflexes whilst stalking mushrooms in Queens Park got me this shot of an Air New Zealand whatever climbing out of Invercargill airport just across the estuary. Framed by a couple of branches, the pilot never knew … moving on—

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 21.45.29.png

—a more obvious framed roadlet through the park; last autumn (April) from the rotunda. The white dangly things are part of the Christmas icicles. They’re still dangling now and I confidently predict that they are in place already for the coming Christmas. They look sort of apt in season but they fairly ruin the classic lines of a columned rotunda … “Thrift, Horatio! The funeral meats did coldly furnish the wedding table …” (words to that effect).

So let’s be unsubtle—

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 21.28.03.png

—with an unadulterated shot of a rainbow. If you can’t see the frame here, think curves; whatever, but it was one gorgeous sight to see at the time.


one of The Spouse’s shots, boom boom!

We go sometimes to Gemstone beach where she does her thing (gathering rocks and taking snaps) while I do mine (taking snaps and gathering rocks) and when both replete we meet up for hot coffee, sandwiches, and commiserations. After which we go home where I wash the salt of the car whilst she arranges souvenir rocks and snaps them—

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 21.30.49.png

—and this time the frame is of course the field of white around her wee samples. These cuties will be sketched and drawn, the garnets (kept separate, not visible here) will go into the garnet bucket in her studio. Some of the stones above (spotty ones) preserve casts deposited in the mud by worms some tens of millions of years ago—you don’t get poops much older than that, I tell you …


Can absence of something be regarded as a zen-like subtlety …

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 21.42.57.png

… in which case you can zen up your own frame to the beachy shot. Orepuki Beach is exactly like this, and many a gemstone hunter has ruefully crawled out of the surf all wet and soggy and a bit wiser to the ways of Nature when she is feeling playful. I had a brief conversation with The Spouse once when she was (quite grumpily, I must add) emerging from a sudden wetting—

“Oh Gods! How many times must I tell you—?”

“Don’t say it!”

“Never, ever, turn your back on the sea!”


“I said, never turn your ba-GLUG!” 


“… … … Never mind.”

Squelch squelch squelch mutter mutter mutter …

Some scenes are best left unpainted. Definitely unframed …




5 thoughts on “WPC: Frame

    1. Toots uses an Olympus SP500, an all-purposes little sweetie that I would have bought like a shot if still on the market.

      Instead I’m still (old dog, new tricks) fighting a losing battle with endless menus, gadgets, gee-gaws, tricks, hoops and barrels of my last-ever-camera Olympus OMD EM5 mk2.

      I believe it can even make coffee but don’t quote me on that; mostly if I have the time I use Aperture Priority, for quicky captures I use Auto. Seems to work …

  1. That rainbow shot of yours is just breathtakingly beautiful!
    Your wife’s gemstone pebble shot is quite lovely too. I’ve been relatively partial to collecting rocks, and gemstones over the years – my eldest son now own my entire collection as he a budding geologist. What a treat though to be able to collect your own straight off the beach!

    I still have your black and white pic of the seas, and distant mountains at Gemstone Beach as my computer background. It looks magnificent in large iMac format. 😉

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