WPC: Frame

Perhaps the best way to respond to a Challenge is for the challengee to simply accept—to pick up the gauntlet and flap the arrogant challenger right in the chops with it; or …

… to trample it in to the ground whilst running like a rabbit out of harm’s way. Sometimes a timely gallop can be the wiser course, actually—graveyards are littered with the bones of brave (but a wee bit dim) men. These days you may put me down for rabbit with a clear conscience—I defy any man alive to catch me when I feel the need for distance.

So, on the subject of ‘frame’: although there’s no frame visible in this next snap it’s what caught my eye not too many months back when bimbling through Queens Park and lamenting the savaging of yet more trees.

Who the guy obviously enjoying his lunch break is I have no idea but it all came together for a snap. Perhaps the rotunda columns/pillars frame some trees beyond, I’m sure we can make it legal somehow.


I’ve managed on occasion to get some wildlife into the snaps. I have a nice one of a startled bunny leaping when I disturbed him, luckily my reflexes were quicker than his … and I also have this one. Jumping rabbit wasn’t framed, but this one (different day, possibly same bunny) was though—

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.20.09.png

And in a different frame of mind, we have a real ball with this sphere of clear glass full of moulded-in bubbles. The colour comes from refracted table top and or background, I assure you that it was crystal clear. But the bubbles and stuff frame the other contents nicely enough.



Before Christmas last I was passing along Esk Street and in a shop window was a real television adapted for advertising purposes. No blasted diodes or pixely things here, it was all done by electron beams and phosphors using the dreaded cathode rays—a bit fuzzy sometimes and on occasion we had to work at it, but REAL television in those days~! And it was fun when going to bed at night switching it off … you got to see the whole picture collapse into a dwindling blob in the middle … aaaaah, real TV back then!


Through a glass darkly (or on reflection a TV of the sort I remember fondly; take it for all in all, you shall not see its like again).




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