WPC:Frame 2

or is it 3? ( HEADLINE: Absent-minded old goat loses count.)


in the bus …

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 19.37.34.png

… such a natural frame, who could possibly resist? This was just after I’d had a coffee at ‘The Cheeky Llama’ kiosk in Queens Park. When I mentioned it to The Spouse later a wee spoonerism crept in and she cracked up. A bit puzzled, again I told her about this great brew I’d had at ‘The leaky Charmer’ … we’re still friends. Just.


I revisited something I’d stumbled across some weeks back. Took me a while to find it again, what had been a whole colony in full bloom has obviously been discovered by enthusiastic vandals, carcasses all over the place … but for whatever reason they’d overlooked this wee bugger—

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 16.37.49.png

—against which I leant my portable pocket calculator. Spouse bought five of them at two bucks each (she knows me) and already I’ve managed to lose misplace two of them. They will, of course, turn up. One day … in the meantime the craggy visual delight behind the calculator is a puffball; sole survivor of the species in this location for this season.


can it be done in camera, as it were, by the camera itself? I love my camera—took me ages to find the ‘selective colour’ thingy, which for this snap of St Mary’s Basilica in Invercargill I set to red just to see what might happen. This happened—

St M's Basilisk.png

—and I’m as delighted with it as if I’d done it meself. (Oh, yes … framed by trees …)

And now to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream, and see what Challenge they dream up for for this week. Brrrr …




3 thoughts on “WPC:Frame 2

    1. My once quite sharpish mind is now a bludgeon … luckily calculators can still do sums.

      And she gets me the simplest so I don’t have to borrow passing kids to get them to explain …

  1. Got myself one of those sciencey calculators some time back when I was doing my maths and science course with the OU. Learned how to use it too! Though I have since forgotten. I obviously knew what I was doing because I got almost top marks for the course. The memory can be such a vaporous thing…

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