WPC: Frame


considered the aeronautical aspects of a bumblebee’s life?

Really … the hours of study (meteorology, basic physics, navigation and stuff) and the many hours of practise, the endless ‘circuits and bumps’—you honestly think that all these things come naturally? Hold me tight …

I got to pondering as I was watching a bee being busy being about his work. Her work—


—and in the course of observing I discovered that the above is in effect a standard approach for a bee about to ‘land on’. They really do go all droopy and sort of sidle up to their target. After my bee had departed I went over to a foxglove and scored a ‘bee’s eye view’ of the landing pad. And yes, one might call it inviting …


And I suspect the hairy hairs sticking up are to notify whatever intelligence runs the plant that a welcome visitor is in attendance (or to tickle the bee, so that it comes back again).


through the park a few weeks ago I surprised a bunny—

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.20.09.png

—but armed, dangerous, loaded for something bigger I moved on. I had bigger game in mind. Llama. Cheeky Llama. Coffeeeeeeeeee …

(Please forgive the next few posts—I discovered that a folder I never was there now holds about 48 would-be ‘drafts’ that I thought I’d actually posted.

So I’m going to ditch a few, amalgamate a few, and drip-feed a few … please forgive if I double up.

I wondered why I never scored any comments—thought I’d have to change my style …)





2 thoughts on “WPC: Frame

  1. Looking forward to seeing your rediscovered pics!

    Lovely post, Argie. I’ve been playing around with bee shots of my own lately. Tricky little things to snap well! You however, have made a very commendable effort. You obviously have the knack, like our friend Ark. Bee whisperers the pair of you…

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