Which some would call a bit


but who would I be to cast asparagus upon the choosers of The Challenge?

H2O is of course water. From memory that complex formula means two atoms of hydrogen to one of oxygen, giving us a very powerful solvent. (And bet  you thort I were dum, no?)

So here’s yer water as a gas. Not gas? Okay, as a vapour then—


—taken the other day in town while I was in a holding pattern awaiting the delicate fairy-footsteps of my beloved Spouse. I remembered reading somewhere that a small cute fluffy little cumulous weighs about ten thousand tons—the beast before your eyes here was neither small nor cute; and I guesstimated it must weigh … oodles and oodles of tons.


they stop being clouds and precipitate into precipitation they sometimes collect into little rivers and swarm down main street, which is why the city council folks install drains and stuff all over the place; which leads me nicely to this drain which I snapped some minutes prior to walking around in small circles awaiting my aforementioned damsel—


It appeared to my jaundiced eye that some klutz may have had an accident with a huge bag of polystyrene beads. Luckily beads flow to the nearest low point too; I was sorely tempted to gather some but in all honesty I’d paid two bucks a bag for two bags just last week at a local Op Shoppe. Free beads would have devalued my holdings, so I didn’t. (Hah! And they call me dum~!)

That same morning

I’d got up early to drive to town to catch the golden sunlight beaming across fields and stuff before ricocheting from the serene surface to light up some distant pink spring blossoms—


—and in accordance with the law that makes it compulsory for any dropped slice of bread and butter to always land butter side down, I didn’t get me snap ‘cos of foggy mist. Misty fog. Bugger, advection moisture fallout …

I shot a few snaps but the mists didn’t clear enough to score what I’d envisioned so I went home and dragged The Spouse off to town. Funny, coming back the fog and mists had cleared, but The Spouse whimpers if I remove a camera from concealed carry so I made a mental note. Words to the effect: “Next year”. Yeah, right …


here you get your H2O both in embryonic form and as it looks post delivery, but stacked up in the ready-use positions:


—and H2O also comes in the prepackaged deep frozen form, looking larger than human on the frozen hills—


There! Is that wet, or what?

Challenge met … I hope …







    1. Thank you 🙂 nothing in my coffee ever, but more coffee. The test for good coffee?
      Basic, and simple … if a kitten can walk across without getting her paws wet, it’s acceptable.

      But: if you can force a spoon down to the bottom, and it stays standing in the middle when you walk away; and if it’s still so when you get back with your book … then it is good coffee.
      Boom boom!

  1. Fabulous wet-type pictures, Argus!
    Hubby and I have just returned from holidaying in a very wet place. Venice. We were in Rome too, which was quite the opposite experience. Not got around to looking at my pics yet. Would have been good for this week’s challenge though. 🙂

    1. Do it, young person … time and tide waiteth for no (bugger; are we allowed to quote direct these days? Best play safe …) person.

      I look forward to your shots and getting wet~!

      1. Ha! I don’t feel very young anymore. That was a hectic fortnight away, exhausting even. Unfortunately the Italians don’t understand the meaning of comfort or relaxation. They like to keep you on your toes and off your butt!!

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