WPC: Relax

Some do, and some don’t.

Relax, that is, when taking snaps.

I do.

If I’m at all concerned (overly concerned) with the outcome it never seems to work. So I don’t give a hoot, just point camera in the right direction … and when the photograph is ready it takes itself.

Zen in the Art of meeting the Weekly Photo Challenge?

Darned if I know but one thing we can all be sure of … ol’ Argus is relaxed when he takes ’em. Boom boom~!

Oh … and here’s yer snaps …

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.17.33.png

Shot when strolling along Gemstone Beach (Orepuki). A beach of many moods, most of ’em bloody cold and/or howling typhoon.

But just sometimes … like now—

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.17.08.png

—this olde worlde atmosphere relaxes me. I love it, Queens Park complete with ducks. And a few bunnies but we shan’t mention them, the administration gets all twitchy and sends in the heavies by night with artillery … (actually, they use poisoned baits—but why ruin a good plot with detail?).

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.21.34.png

A favourite cat many years ago, relaxed enough to yawn for the camera. Most ladies on seeing this shot see anything but relax, they see jaws and pointy teeth; they shiver and say “Yuk!”.  But Phoebe was as sweet as they come …


Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.29.12.png

Some white-eyes in winter, gobbling the butter we put out for them. Not all that much fat around at that time in nature to keep them warm; they ploughed through this butter like hot knives. Word soon got out and we had scores of the wee blighters …

Leaf it alone, Mate—

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.18.32.png

—okay, shall do. Not. A leaf afloat on a sea of puddle—what could be more relaxed than that?

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.21.55.png

Only icky-sticky gummy resin stuff oozing out under the pressure of the hot summer sun on the long deceased tree beneath them.

The nice folks who manage Queens Park don’t seem to like trees … no more than they like rabbits. What was almost European woodland is fast becoming savannah, well on its way to logical desert.

Could this (next) be considered good advice?

Given that it’s more often advisable to get a grip on your situation first, and then take arms against the sea of troubles(and by opposing end them—sometimes postponing panic can be fatal.

panic thee not.pngOne thinks of that chef guy (a baker) on Titanic who quietly got sozzled but kept chucking deck-chairs and other flotation aids over the side to assist folks in the water. kept sneaking back below for a suck at his bottle; much against all the advice I’ve ever been given in various courses.

He survived.

They played him well in that movie (Kate Winslett, boom boom~!), and—

—what could be more relaxing when the ol’ ship’s going down by the bows than a lovely bottle of Rum, hey?

At least you freeze happy …


This last image isn’t one of mine, I picked it off the web some time ago and thought it too good not to use somewhere.

And now I have to face the challenge of watering the garden. Yesterday was winter, today is the full blast of the summer sun (don’t laugh, it’s true. Today is the second day we’ve had of summer weather) …



2 thoughts on “WPC: Relax

  1. Lovely pics. Especially the White Eyes. We have them too. Not the ones in the photo, of course.
    Or maybe they are the same ones and that’s why the poor little blighters were so hungry after such a long flight? This might explain why they have been noticeably absent for the past few weeks.
    If they have noshed their fill can we have ’em back now, please?

    1. Too tubby now to get airborne. I guess I’m stuck with six hundred waddling pets and on permanent cat-watch. For no earthly reason, I blame you …

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