WPC: Anticipation

C’MON, into it~!

To anticipate means to look ahead, to predict etc etc. So?

So it applies as much to photography as anything else. Timing, timing, timing. Even shooting a sitting flower may sometimes require timing, but definitely shooting a duck does.


strolling through the park one day, in the very merry month of December (hah! Gotcha~!) when I saw a possibility—so I hauled out the ol’ camera, set myself into position and waited for a swimming duck to disappear …


this little bugger

—and thanks to having good reflexes (even now, boom boom!) and anticipating his position etc etc I got lucky and scored. My duck.


especially if you aren’t on a large screen right now; momentarily I had you wondering what I was on about? No? Certainly I had me fooled, when a few days after I’d forgotten about the ducks and things I came across this shot during a routine scramble through my images. Had to open it up large to see what the hell I’d scored …

Challenge met?

Naaaaah … okay, reload, try again later. Brrrr …





2 thoughts on “WPC: Anticipation

  1. Yes, you got me. I did indeed wonder what you had scored as I was viewing this post – still am – on a minuscule phone screen. But I see it now, and good shot!
    Ducks like flowers are notoriously tricky, though for different reasons, I think….?
    Neither is still for long either way.

    It’s a curious theme for this week’s challenge. I might have a shot or two lurking up my sleeve though…

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