WPC: Anticipation

I know …

… obvious, ennit?

You know, that ol’ “night before Christmas” stuff. Just as well, I no longer do subtle. Subtle stinks, think hammer~! Boom boom!! Hah harr, Jim Lad, bring aft the rum and—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”


It’s her.

Little Virginia. Bugger—

“Sir … you’re going maniac again.”

“Don’t you mean ‘manic’, Cutie?”

“Sir—I know what I mean …”

Bugger, again.

Take the helm, get the ship back under control. She relaxes and fades gently from sight. (MEMO to self: find out where she goes when she does that …)

So: can we anticipate? Do we have that much Free Will—

“Mr Argus!  Sir!”

Eek! I thought she’d gone … back to the snaps, then. Beginning with the latest folly of the Queens Park management, this time just behind the kiddies’ playground (great toys—they have a ‘hose your buddies’ cannon set up. Terrific range on it, I got drenched.)


Not real moonlight …

I bimbled around that way one morning and found them constructing this thing, which I think is a Stonehenge semi-lookalike in miniature. Took ’em weeks to finish.

Whimsy, or folly? I anticipate that many years in the future homesick foreign druids will congregate here to beat each other over the head during full moons with armfuls of pine leaves or something (we don’t do mistletoe in NZ).


that this one (below) should frustrate you as much as stumbling over it in my folder did me.

I put a lot of thought into it … along the lines of “What the hell did I shoot this for?” followed quickly by “What the heck is it anyway?”—

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 16.15.44.png

—and no, no ‘trick photography’ was involved. To anticipate (and alleviate) your frustrations here’s something a bit more explanatory—

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 16.17.00.png

—and the park is full of little oddities like that. Anyway, the ducks love ’em~!catfiddle.gif

Mostly I shoot for the joy of the hunt, I rarely fiddle with my images; if anything a bit of colour boost sometimes. My histograms are often a total disaster but then, so are my subjects …


to rabbit about some more in the ol’ folders and see if there’s anything that might meet The Challenge. Don’t wait up …



7 thoughts on “WPC: Anticipation

  1. These somewhat surrealist reflection shots of yours are a bit of a theme, and yes I am often both confused and enchanted by them. A lover of all things reflective myself, especially when I have camera in hand, I take great pleasure in creating un-fiddled-with illusions.

    1. I love things that aren’t what they seem.

      As a philosopher you’ll understand; my biggest bugbear is catching ‘time’. (Illusions help satisfy the frustrated soul.) (A bit.)

      1. One is tempted to use the old movie film analogy. No continuity between frames whatsoever—yet when viewed in sequence …

  2. There’s something of the ‘Pratchett’ about you – can’t quite put my finger on it at the moment – but, oh! yes it will come eventually and then – and then – bugger! lost my train of thought – s’pose someone will hand it in like they did last week.

    Lovely post Argus – like your writing and your pic’s aint half bad either,



    1. Thanks, Dan —very much appreciated. Terry P was one of my heroes, I have quite a few of his works (sadly The Spouse doesn’t understand them at all—she prefers Cat Cookson)(brrrrr~!) …

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