WPC: Path


of the week: ‘Path’.

Yeah, right.

Paths of glory? Morning glory? Happy and glorious? Happy, Dopey, Dave Dee Dozey Beaky Mick and— enough! Dammit, association of ideas in freefall doth not help with meeting the weekly photo challenge.

slap  slap  slap …

… ouch, and Thank You, I needed that. Brrrr. You’ll keep …

Where were we?

Oh, yes—


—yer classic path through the trees. Nothing new here, or even artistic—I just held the camera while it did all the work. Moving modestly on—

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … you’re a Leo. Modesty and Leo are a contradiction in terms—”


Moving on anyway—

path overhead.png

Now just try to figure it out (SFX: insert manic cackle here, please. Make it good).

“Full fathom five thy marker lies, of his bo—”



“Sir …  … please just get on with it!”

Okay. It’s a road cone tossed in by some transient humourist hooligan. The path (which keeps us legal for this challenge) is overhead and only in the shot on reflection. By reflection. Whatever. The wee creek itself is also a path, albeit damp, for the local duck-life.


having just got back from town, to see if any of today’s snaps fit the bill. Foot the bill. Okay, meet the challenge.



11 thoughts on “WPC: Path

    1. Go get ’em, Tiger~! (Will you be able to discern any paths under the snow? I haven’t been keeping up with the news but heard that your region has been clobbered?) Good luck …

      1. I only briefly read the items. Must update. So it’s warmer right now where you are than here … I just went out to feed the birds and it was twelve degrees (C).

      2. The temperatures fluctuate across a very broad scale here. We seem to be in a protected little pocket, missing most of the worst weather throughout the year. Last week it was in the minus tens. It’s all a bit pot luck here.
        Is your weather pretty stable once the season sets in?

      3. Summer, cool and wet when not stinking hot and dry, or arid. Winter quite coldish but nothing like the extremes you guys get. Spring and autumn often a mixture of both, if not an actual blend. Whenever The Spouse asks sartorial advice re: going out somewhere my response errs always on the side of safety … “Dress for warm, carry for cold” … and so far she hasn’t complained. Much.

      4. I remember we were in DC last year on Christmas Eve and it was 26C and humid. Then it turned arctic and Snowzilla happened. Poor trees and birds didn’t know if they were coming or going. The trees went through two springs, blooming twice. Fooled the birds too, chirping out their mating calls in the middle of winter!

  1. That’s interesting … I had to log in to post my reply, and after I’d done so the snowing on my post has stopped. WordPress snows only on outsiders?

    1. Ha! Seems so!

      A very Happy New Year to you and your lovely Spouse!!! I hope this one’s a cracker. Wishing every success and the best of health, and may the adventure continue! 😉

      Bess and Bill.

      1. And all the very best for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too two. Yoo tou two? You toot oo? … bugger: to you good folks~! Boom boom!

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