True art has the power to challenge the spirit, disturb the soul and move Heaven and Earth alike. I’ve just partly watched one of my movie collection; one which at first I thought over-lauded and over stuffed with big name actors and actresses—Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 18.26.31.pngbut as far as I’m into it already, I can say that it is the most powerful rendering of the play that I’ve ever had the fortune to view. The name? What’s in a name … a smelly old sock by any other name would honk as much … but it’s Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh version).   ——>


show. “Names” … some of which we’ve seen before. Big names, little names, notorious names and the anonymous little riff-raff that history is made of.


Here’s a damsel who lived, and presumably died, about two thousand years ago.

Sadly I didn’t get the source so can’t give it a credit; and neither can I give her a name. Bummer. But she rang my bell and rolled away the wall of years (something art can do) — and from memory she may be one of the many who went under the mallet in Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 13.53.42.png


is a wee plaque that carries the name of the only woman ever legally murdered in New Zealand. In retrospect she’d have gotten off the charges today as the evidence against her was all conjecture, circumstantial, suppositions, guesswork and so forth—

Minnie D.png

—the name of Minnie Dean was used for many years to terrify infants, little children and bigger kids into obedience. Words to the effect of “You shut up and go to sleep, right now, or Minnie will come and get ya!”  Yeah, sure, that’ll work …

Q's Park, May 2013.png

From memory, late autumn.

The name? Queens Park.

In Invercargill (home of the world’s southernmost Starbucks).


A fairy on a wee bronze fountain in Queens Park. No name given, but I call her the Kung Fu Fairy—at the top of the bronze column a completely naked wee lad (in bronze) getting well sopperated by endless jets of water. Brrr. The statue was unveiled by HM the Q Mother and I wonder if in the mores of the time the unnamed city fathers decked him out with swimming shorts or similar …


similar, a name that doesn’t need be named ‘cos we all know it—


—one Tinker Bell (Tinker Belle? She’s sweet enough …) sitting on the soggy shoulder of ol’ Wossisface after an evening shower.


a wee thingy Spouse and I found among the granite balls (roundish rocks) being swirled and tossed about in the surf of a Scottish beach (Findochty). It would fit and rattle inside a standard household matchbox,

Scots artefact.png

is made from white stone of some kind, and looks pretty much the same from the other side. If someone could give me a reasonable name for it I’d be fairly impressed and most grateful.



5 thoughts on “WPC:

  1. Marvellous post, Argie!

    I remember you posting about your wee found beach treasure some time ago. I can’t remember what I thought it was then, but it looks like a little charm. Protruding from what looks to be a sleeve looks like two roughly hewn hands clasped together, with the line of the upper joints of the thumbs dilineated. Perhaps whoever carved it didn’t quite finish it, or perhaps it might have had some kind of cord or string tied around it? Who knows. Seems to me at least to be a very personal little thing, whomever it belonged to. 🙂

    1. Thank you for kind words. Looking at the snap just now I thought may be something like a toggle-button, to hold a jacket closed? It has obviously been tossed about in the granite rocks for a long time. A wee charm? Could be. Personal to someone, I say yes, possibly very meaningful.
      Spouse has it tucked away somewhere but her studio is no man’s land, and when she’s creating it’s more than my life is worth to even tiptoe in with a cup of tea …

      1. Ha! I’m sure free tea is always welcome. 😉

        Yes, I suppose a toggle-button is also very plausible. Intriguing little thing. I have a similar unidentifiable, hand-carved, and very old artefact that looks to be like a bird of Horus without a head. Maybe I’ll snap it and post it. Not collected by me, but by a kind acquaintance who went to the trouble of bringing some artefacts back from Egypt for me, straight from the Valley of the Kings no less. Good job he wasn’t caught, I say!
        My eldest son now owns my Egyptian collection, except for the little bird which is an especially prized possession and one I could take on my person by way of evading US Customs on my arrival almost a year and a half ago. Time flies!

        Hopefully you’ll find out what your little treasure is one day. 🙂

  2. I think there is a lot of power in a name (or the lack of it).
    I changed my name by deed poll when I was 35.
    I have come to see my previous name as an entirely different person.
    I don’t like her, and I don’t understand how she thought and acted.
    Now my grand-daughter wants to call her (as yet un-conceived} child by that name.
    The thought fills me with horror.

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