WPC: A Good Match

If you know me you’ll know I like reflections. And a Challenge~!

And I looooove quirky.

So my cow becomes a sub-orbital moon-jumper when I can indulge both habits, make of ’em what you will—

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.41.22.pngAbove:  an empty was-a-field after a wee bit of rain, from the road

And of course, no variety is complete without variations, no?


Different time, different place, but a perfect match. Sort of (okay, a good match) …



9 thoughts on “WPC: A Good Match

  1. Thank you~! Am looking forward to the next Challenge … boom boom~! (I suggested ‘whimsy’ once but I guess they may have already done it.) 🙂

      1. Yes, Mr. Argie. Still Bess, or Maria. 🙂 It’s nice to see you posting again. I thought something had gone awry and I wasn’t receiving notifications anymore. I hope you and your Spouse are keeping well.

        ‘Tis true however, evening light does wonders for the photographic eye. Problem is you have to catch it! 🙂

      2. I must be getting old—last night I wanted to go out and photograph the stars …

        … stayed in and watched a Dvd.

      3. Ha! Yeah, that happens. Age is a sly one, catches you unawares. I hope you enjoyed your DVD.

        I’m currently sitting at a lake sans camera while Bill is gone for a walk. It’s nice just to soak in the sun and not have to do much. 🙂

      4. ‘National Treasure’ … I love long-haired blondes, and the dream that once was America.

        And I visited USS Intrepid when I was in NY once … strangely, I felt no desire to jump off the flight deck. Brr~!

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