WPC: The Road Taken

First, our ‘quickie’ image—you know, the one that immediately springs to mind and which we happen to have close at hand.

Like this—

road 1.png

—the road taken AND the road not taken. Wow … and afterwards, the serendipity snap that at first you thought “Bugger~! That wee fellow ruined my shot …” (after you’d set up the rotten tripod and everything). And then you find it has a certain Jenny say kwa, so you may just keep it after all; and then the cream on top of the custard, the Weekly Photo Challenge fits the bill nicely—

road 2.png

I was experimenting with HDR and had just triggered a test shot when a couple of cyclists zoomed through. You can see the upper half of the slower older guy, and just in front of him the blur that I think must’ve been a grandson or some such—whatever, he scorched by as if the old guy were going backwards.


completely similar. I set up to try HDR in a more unbikey location— camera on tripod, birds in trees, mushrooms sprouting under pines and a castle going nowhere … who could ask for more … hit the button—

road 3.png

—and on the second or third shot of the HDR series a group of three young Indian guys emerge from behind the tree, going at a fair clip in a north-easterly direction and firing rueful smiles at me once they noticed me.

I tossed ’em a cheery wave and just hoped they’d added something to my snap … which, in fact, they had.

So we all take our separate roads, and I guess one way or the other serendipity helps us get there in the end. But wait, next post is more on this Challenge. I like it …




2 thoughts on “WPC: The Road Taken

  1. Snapping ghostly type images is fun. Tried it at night when I’m Venice last year. Haven’t been brave enough to look at them yet. Bill’s efforts turned out quite well however.

    I very much like your efforts here, Argie!

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