I really wish (devoutly, sincerely, and with knobs on)

that WordPress would stop stuffing around with things

that actually do work …


And now, for the Weekly Photo Challenge

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 17.44.35.png

No, it’s not me. I’m the guy under the eaves taking the snap. I have no idea what the Postie on the bike was wishing, but I can guess … and I’ll bet it was a very sincere wish, one made with wild unabashed enthusiasm.


for Ark, a promise in fulfilment—


—a shot shotted with no additional bells, tweaks and/or whistles. I even bisected the black sky/brilliant skyline of the building, to keep me honest. WYSIWYG. And when eventually we got the  rain, it was every bit as good as its promise. Wish? I wish for more like this; and I know we’ll get them. Boom boom~!


By any other name it would smell as sweet

At last I’ve managed to capture a red rose more or less as I see it. I’ve been wishing for years (stupid pixels; never had this problem with film, I tells ya). The wee streaks are falling rain—we Argusses (Argi? Argies?) suffer for our art — perhaps it was the rainy conditions that scored me the colour; who cares, it’s yet another wish off the ol’ wish-list.



12 thoughts on “WPC: WISH

  1. The only thing I prefer about digital cameras over film, is I don’t have to wait to see the picture. You’ve done a great job here – I still don’t take decent ones!!

      1. Me very too … sadly I have no idea where/who I snitched it from so I can’t give it a credit (always puts me in mind of that tale about Nero).

      2. True, but Nero was insane. I first thought of playing the smallest violin for cry-babies. 🙂
        and PS. I stole the picture from you…I’ll be happy to give you credit.

      3. Can’t really credit me ‘cos I filched it too … (but any publicity helps) (and is always appreciated~!) 🙂

    1. I love the ‘instantness’ of digital, and that we don’t have to carefully change films all the time — but life was so much simpler back then. I imagine that Adams and Brady and other guys who lugged their ‘portable’ cameras around the Old West would be a wee bit gob-smacked if they could see us now …

      I also imagine we likewise if we could glimpse what the future holds~!

      1. I keep seeing an awful lot of Star Trek popping up around us – when I sat in front of my TV with my dad so many years ago – who dreamed I’d live this long?

      2. Beam me up, Scottie? I used to laugh at the idea, as much as I enjoyed it. Now I no longer laugh … not when I watch a 3D printer in action. Brrrr!

      3. Not to mention, PC’s in every cabin did not exist back then, nor did talking computers, laser surgery, phasers (tasers), hand held phones, etc.

  2. Excellent pics, Argie!

    Love the roses: one of my favourite subjects in all media, pretty much. In fact, I was making homemade rose fragranced soap in the shape of large red roses no less!
    Still waiting for them to dry, so we’ll see…


    1. I have a few more roses—shall post ’em for you. I have a magic touch—any rose I aim the camera at starts dancing; it’s so infallible I should hire myself out as ‘wind genius’ to the Americas Cup teams. All they need to is put a rose in a jar on the upper deck behind the sail, let me get near it with a camera, and … boom boom! Eat my spray, ye mortals astern~!

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