“The one above sees all”

An old saying that once was dropped at exactly the right moment to put me off chess for Unknownlife. I had the bugger in a trap—he didn’t know it but the enthusiast doing the twitchy spectator bit just couldn’t resist. Not only did my alerted target escape, he won … and lacking a sense of humour I resolved never to be in that situation again.


do the all see the one above?

In a nice cosy cage, yes. No probs.

In the wild?

Hah~! I challenge anyone to spot one of these—


—in the wild. He dwells atop his rock and as motionless as the rock itself, for hours if need be. But when the moment comes you’d be very lucky to see him move. (They just disappear, and reappear elsewhere, filling in the gap between with an ethereal blur.)


Tempted to put in a photo of a kids’ spinning toy, but lacking one, I opted instead for some quite attractive bubbley goo—


—which for the life of me I have no idea what, why, when, where, or how (the ‘who’ is irrelevant). But it was atop something in the garden containing fester-water (so it’s legal for this Challenge).


passion the folks who demolish much loved structures like this—

kid tower, old.png

but can see why they do it. It’s the very PC (ergo essential) thing to do and no city-hall guy wanting to keep his snout in the trough would dare be me.

And I wouldn’t last long either …

mod 1.png

This wondrous edifice is what they replaced it with. No sharps, no head-bonkers, lovely soft artificial soft stuff to softly land on softly should you manage—somehow—to fall out.

I had the park to myself (kids don’t seem to come here any more)(not unless brought by adults) and climbed it, this is the view from the summit once atop—

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 21.49.58.png

—all the bars you can eat. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall … I remember when I climbed the old one, not as flexible (me) as the ascent required and I managed to bang the old swede a couple of times but it was fun. And a bit of a challenge …

I didn’t enjoy the new one at all so I must be showing my vintage. Yeuch. And now having managed to depress myself I shall go and get atop a pile of chocolate … don’t wait up, I may be some time …



4 thoughts on “WPC: ATOP

  1. The new playground structures certainly aren’t very adult friendly. But I suppose, they’re not really meant to be.
    Gone are the good old days of broken arms, legs and heads, especially from the no longer existent ‘adventure’ playgrounds from my youth. All the ones in London were dismantled and demolished en mass during the 80s. Just as well really: can’t be having kids perishing in these things, even though some of them should have…rough sort, those I grew up with…

    1. I must admit a degree of gratitude for designer-foresight. The ‘Wonderland Castle’ in Queens Park has two slides, and I once had a go on the higher/longer one. Big mistake, it was designed for littler people than moi.
      My greater mass achieved greater velocity and greater momentum over just the short distance, and when I fired out the end of the blasted thing I carried on at full velocity over the braking zone and literally flew off into space.

      It’s true, too, that just like in the cartoons you hang for a moment in mid-air. I certainly did then dropped vertically onto my butt, just as a bunch of senior high-school girls emerged from the shortcut in the hedge. No harm to anything but my dignity (that soft-landing stuff certainly works~!) and it’s always nice to make someone’s day …

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