screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-18-21-34At least, I hope it turns out to be lovely. To me lovely is being able to see my snaps up close and personal—every theme I’ve fiddled with today just won’t give me more than a small image, but during tests this one gave me at least reasonably sized.

I am an old dog. I only use my celephone for texts or for answering calls. If ever you call me, be warned that I’m a slow answerer. And you’ll find it’s pointless leaving a message on the answering doo-dah … I have no idea how to use it. (Years ago I was in advance of the herds, kept myself at the cutting edge of progress but the wavefront has loooong since passed me by.) So?

So my photos are primarily for use on the Big Screen—


—make of ’em what you will. Here, above, a replay of one of yesterday’s Queens Park snaps. (This being a test, I’m allowed to be boring …)

And here, below, now have a nice sunrise—

dawning morning.png

—so I can check the colours and stuff. And in the next couple of days I’ll do some fine tuning of other bits too. New themes can be fun, and I enjoy tweaking all the bells and whistles. Sometimes

Hoping all goes well—





21 thoughts on “TESTING

    1. To be honest, I hated the new at switchover but thought we were stuck with it. However I bookmarked an old ‘make a post’ page in virgin condition, and kept it. I’ve gradually weaned over (reluctantly~!) (yeuch) and now use the new.

      If WP stuff me/us around too much more I’ll go over to Blogger or Weebly or someone and start again.

      Interestingly, with the new you don’t get so large a selection of Themes to choose from. I pulled in using both, with the older version the selection is huge. As for what the theme is … I should have written it down. (Told you I’m getting a bit dim—but I should be able to find it again.)

      1. For me, the ‘New’ takes an age to load and this applies to the Reader as well, which I cannot even view in the Old. And the reader also freezes every so often. I thought this may be a virus at first but it doesn’t show any of these symptoms on any other site.

      2. Can’t help you there—I just view in Safari or Firefox, as a simple web page, and respond therein.

    2. Hah! Found it (using the old starting point! Boom boom!).

      Theme is called “Revelar”. Of the many I tried it was the only one to give me large images—to hell with all that postage-stamp sized stuff! Yay! 🙂 🙂

      1. Oh, and when I click on ‘Argus’ or the dog avater in the dropdown it still doesn’t take me to your blog but rather a page that says Independantsguide is no longer available. Just to let you know. Otherwise site looks great!

      2. Ooops … I’d better do some house cleaning. Thanks for that, appreciated.

        Funny, I never click on Avatars—they take me to the Gravatar site.
        I just use blogs themselves. Often I go to the wee bell icon (upper right hand corner when active in any WP site) and click it for the drop down display of recent correspondence; or I respond to emailed notifications in my mail programme.

  1. This theme is ‘Revelar’ … and I love it~!

    (Why did WP ever get rid of the byline identifying the ‘theme’ at the bottom? Who knows … why did God create scorpions? Perhaps for the same reasons …)

  2. I shall have to eyeball your new theme up close and personal on the big screen. Looking at it on my phone at the mo, but the phone versions never show all the bells and whistles. I’m glad it’s working for you.
    I have not and will not switch over to the new posting system for as long as I have access to the old. It’s too frustrating, so I admire you loads for biting the bullet. As far as I’m concerned, if it ain’t broke yet, no need to fix it!

      1. When it wears off my get up and go will have got up and gone. Limp rag country, here I come …

      2. I read recently (which substantiates what we discovered for ourselves anyway, in the navy) that a cup of coffee doesn’t kick in until some twenty minutes or so after enguzzlement—so a stolen brief nap twixt coffee and it kicking in serves all worlds.

        Sometimes when the ship is closed up and ready for anything for long periods guys will catnap as and when they can—with just dim red lighting on, ship bouncing every other which way you have to step carefully sometimes …

      3. I can only imagine…
        I suffer with severe motion sickness these days, even while eyeballing anything remotely striped, so I don’t think I’d do so well onboard ship. Mind you, saying that, I didn’t have to much trouble with the boats in Venice last year…

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