WPC: it IS easy being green

and sometimes


As a greenie you have to hang out in winter—

G 1.png

—which sometimes, especially on reflection (or should that be refraction? (Never mind, all the greens hang out together anyway) isn’t easy.

Winters often tend to be more white or brown than green. So while you’re pining for summer …

Kelvin's golf sale ....png

—here’s something an incredulous but ever gullible ol’ dog stumbled over after a wee dusting of de-greening a couple of years ago. I just couldn’t picture anyone selling the golf course* .

Sometimes it WAS easy being green—


—as in Queens Park in Invercargill (look at New Zealand’s South Island on a map.)(Look waaaaay down at the bottom** and that’s where.)

But in Queens Park green has to survive the good keen men serving a demented management that’s determined to do this

rob green.png

—all over. You can’t blame the guys with saws and tree-eating machinery; and when I challenged the Management all I got was a miffed “There are no organic robots in Queens Park!” and a reference to a vast tome of Terms of Reference. (It’s taken me weeks and so far I’ve only covered the history of the park.)


article in the Southland Times to finally reveal the true motivations:  some great unsung genius has decided that The Public would be better served if those “unwanted, unused” areas were converted into a (!) Frisbee-Golf course.

Not a simple wee course, it seems, but one that will present a real challenge to louts citizens of all ages for generations.


you think “it IS easy being green”? It can be a wee bit of a Challenge sometimes …


* It would be almost as sacrilegious as selling a rugby pitch. Field. Arena?

** Home of the world’s ‘most southern Starbucks’ (they claim).


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