I posted an image of a wee stone thingy I found tumbling among granite rocks on a Scottish beach. I grabbed said thing and souvenired it—

Scot beach thing.png

—the Spouse has it still tucked safely away somewhere, but it isn’t at all big. From memory in length somewhere twixt one and two inches …

No-one has ever given me a satisfactory suggestion as to what it might be. A headless stoney doll comes to mind, or an anthropomorphic sheaf of oats … for all I know it could have washed down from the hills many years ago, and/or been tumbled for centuries.

Tan Tan Venus, 2, pic.jpgAnd now, rabbiting about on the web I happened across this wee cutie


which to my mind does bear a faint resemblance— but I guess it would need a few weeks (okay, perhaps a few millennia) of tumbling to smooth it off enough to become comparable.

I lifted the piccie of ‘the Tan Tan Venus’ from this website—


—and shall be forever troubled. Could my lovely smooth clean wee cutie possibly be an artefact between several hundred thousand and half a million years old?

Naaaaah …




6 thoughts on “SOME TIME AGO

  1. I still don’t know why that image repeated itself. It appears only once in my original draft … and when trying to edit out the redundant ‘spare’.

  2. And the quest continues! It’s an interesting match though, and who knows? Perhaps your wee artefact is still quite old. It certainly looks it to my amateur archaeologist eyes!
    I did take an archeology course years ago with the Open University. All very interesting stuff

    1. Certainly has me flummoxed—great advice. I may just put together some statistics and send ’em off—but I shan’t send the thing itself (more than my life would be worth to even think of it) …

      1. You could probably email a picture to them. Many colleges have websites where you can contact the heads of the departments.

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