WPC: Danger!

Yeah, right. catfiddle

And furthermore:  sure!

There, with cynicism for the week over let’s press on into danger—imagine, if you will, standing alone in the midst of a desolate waste, perched on the very edge with nothing between you and the raging torrent far far below but your own wits and a trusty filter


Thank heavens that too is over and we can get back to reality—

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.53.38.png

—I was captivated by the swirls and eddies in a wee canalish thingy that drains to the sea. In Invercargill, the one city in the world with the unique claim to having “The world’s southernmost Starbucks”*.  As a claim to fame it almost ranks equal with our other greatest boast (“The World’s Fastest Indian”) which is a bit of a wee fib really ‘cos Burt Munro wasn’t an Indian, he was just another kiwi. Oops … where was I? Oh yes, dicing with death on the riverbank—

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.53.53.png

—and all I was doing was trying to illustrate some of the effects of the only filter I ever use**, my polariser. Same place, same time, same everything***, just one tiny tweak on the filter makes all the difference.


You bet! There’s always the chance that I might unwittingly unscrew the filter and have it fall off into the fearsome tempest and never be seen again. I’d really hate to have to explain that to my Beloved … brrrr.



* I wonder if I should front up therein and see if the above plug is worthy of a freebie? Surely it can’t hurt to try … if it works I might try shifting my sights to the Rolls Royce folks.

** Lost my other bugger (a graduated neutral).

*** Apologies to Lao Tze … it is possible to photograph the same river twice (and that without getting your feet wet).



One thought on “WPC: Danger!

  1. I don’t have a polarising filter for any of my cameras, but the same such filter in my editing software does a very good job.
    It does make a huge difference however, to the image in the raw, and in the RAW.

    Lovely job on your river pic. And of course you can shoot the same river twice…

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