WPC: Evanescent


means to grab hold of the day by the long skinny bits and squeeze the stuffing out of it. Why? ‘Cos every day is evanescent and no end of philosophers and/or poets wax lyrical about the fact.

Here, have a nice opportunity being seized—


—the moment was unplanned, it evanesced and I shottit and gotit.

And while we’re at it, here’s another exactly the same only different—


—the wee parkie person was happily mowing his leaves or whatever they do with leaves as I was shooting a quiescent mushroom. Not strictly an ambush but near enough, and the moment suits the Challenge.

I hope.



6 thoughts on “WPC: Evanescent

  1. I remember ‘Evanescent’ being a theme a while back for the WPC. It makes me wonder if the WP lot feel they have exhausted the dictionary already…

    Having said that, I do very much like your mushie shots, and your addition to the week’s theme.
    Must have taken much holding of breath and sucking in of stomacks to get that low. Not sure my knees would manage it anymore…! 🙂

    1. Ta for dat … it’s not getting down, that’s easy enough (even a brick can do it)—it’s the getting back up again …

      “Ye gods!”
      “That—there it is again … thunder from a clear sky?”
      “Oh, that~! Don’t fret—it’s just old Argie taking photos in the trees. Happens all the time.”

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