Weekly Photo Challenge


enough small talk, time’s a-passing: into it~!

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 19.36.37.png

This is what an attractive damsel looks like when seen through a glass brick. The textures of the glass have completely retextured her own textures, adding to the mystery.

I like mystery …

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 19.30.33.png

Lava, you might think. Good guess.

But quite wrong, it’s a case of barking up a pine tree; and yes, it really was that colour. Dum’ tree …


This is what a dum’ tree looks like after the nice men with chainsaws have passed by. I call it the Southland Syndrome—no red-blooded man with a chainsaw can resist a tree, any tree, every tree (but their administrations leave interesting textures though).


An ancient brick wall. The guys who baked those bricks, the chickens that laid them and the cement that bonds all together are long beyond reproach but their creation still has textures.

And now:

YOUR very own challenge—


—what the heck is it?

CLUE: it’s half a lion’s eyeball.



And I just couldn’t resist it. Next to gold, and blue, and green, and yellow, and orange, red is my very favourite colour (one of ’em); and being a Leo myself I love lions.

Still not convinced?

Okay … let us step back a wee bit, o’ ye of little faith, and ye get this—

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 19.33.45.png

—but in keeping with the theme I have to admit that the texture here is smooth. Flat and smooth … very flat and very smooth.


we have high fashion a la Southland Institute of Technology.

For the life of me I tried—lots—to figure out a word adequate to describe the fabric used in creating that masterpiece—

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 19.34.57.png

—I briefly dabbled with the term ‘fishnet stockings’ and even tried converting it into a more apt ‘deep-sea diver’s helmet loopage’ but fell adrift at the seams.

3 gerbils.gif

If anyone reads this far (poor you, no date tonight so you’re webbing, huh?) I’d be interested to know  how you’d meet that challenge.

Kelvin's golf sale ...



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. The headdress looks like its made of wooden curtain rings.
    The snow one is my favorite. We just don’t get that kind of texture up here in Johannesburg

    1. Curtain rings? Could even be … I shan’t ask, sometimes it’s better to travel hopefully.

      Snow was a local golf course. You can see why they don’t play in the snow, but sheesh—these days you get coloured balls!

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